Autumn tastes like our DEMUERTE DELUXE wine. A special wine that invites us to reflect, to savor the passage of every minute in good company. If you have not yet dared to try this variety from the DEMUERTE line, you are in the best of times. It is time to get the most out of this special wine and to pair it in the right way.

So that you know more about DEMUERTE DELUXE we have written this article in which we explain everything you need to know about it.


Autumn tastes like DEMUERTE DELUXE

After months of heat in which the sun has given us little or no respite, the time has come to recover long drinks. Full-bodied wines that invite us to savor each sip and hold the glass while we have a good conversation. For this reason, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we consider that the time has come for DEMUERTE DELUXE.

And it is that the particularities of this wine make it especially attractive for this time of year. And if not, rate for yourself based on what we are going to tell you …



DEMUERTE DELUXE is a red wine, with a beautiful, very intense cherry color. A tone reminiscent of velvet and evokes softness and caresses. Those that we want to receive when a season as sensory as autumn arrives.

It is made from three very special grapes: Monastrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot. In its composition, the former participates 80 percent; and the other two by 10 percent each. Grapes that grow and ripen on old vines over 60 years old. Plants that have low yields and that mature in harsh dry conditions.

All the details are taken care of in its elaboration, from the collection of the bunches (which is carried out manually in boxes of a maximum of 20 kilos) to their maturation process. A winemaking development that begins with a maceration in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 24 ° C. Space in which it remains for a total of 21 days.

Subsequently, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation and at a

subsequent breeding. All this in new French oak barrels where it will remain for a minimum period of 18 months.

DEMUERTE DELUXE to eat and taste

DEMUERTE DELUXE is an elegant wine that has a sweet and original aroma. In fact, its aroma evokes ripe fruit on a base of smoke and spices. Such a pleasure for the senses. Even those who least understand wine or want to start consuming it.

DEMUERTE DELUXE has a gradation of 14.5º, which makes it ideal for sharing the table. It has a good pairing with all kinds of meats, fatty fish and rice dishes such as a good paella.

Even its appearance on the outside is different from other wines. And it is that its black bottle and its velvet label with our characteristic colored skull make it elegant also as a complement to our decoration on the table.



So, if you are looking for a wine to share with someone special to help you savor the moments of an autumn that still allow us to enjoy the last rays of the sun in the company of a good meal, DEMUERTE DELUXE is the best possible choice.

You can buy bottles of this wine on our website, where we will send them to you wherever you indicate. And if you are one of those who like to buy these products in stores, you can also do it. Write to us and we will tell you where in your city or country you can find them.

Is September,  what is the same:  we are for grape harvest; the time when we work collecting the best grapes for DEMUERTE. A fundamental step in the preparation of our wines. To which WINERY ON CREATIONS pays a lot of attention and pampering. To let you know how our grape harvest develops and its particularities, we have written this article in which we want you to know our DEMUERTE wines better.

We are harvesting, collecting the best grapes for DEMUERTE


Grape harvest is a name used to refer to the process of harvesting grapes that have matured in vines throughout the summer. Grains that will be dedicated to the creation of wines and spirits. They are collected at different times, depending on the grape variety in question, the degree of ripening desired, as well as the area (especially latitude) in which the vineyards are located.

In our case, this is a process that takes place in September, which is when the grapes of our strains have already matured. Over 15-year-old specimens that offer high quality grapes, flavor and aroma.



Many people think that grapes are collected like other agricultural products. That is, uneasy.

However, in our case, the reality is quite different. And at WINERY ON CREATIONS we know that the quality of our wines begins with the careful collection of our grape grains. Thus, unlike other vineyards, the mature grapes of our strains are collected manually. Cutting each of the clusters offered by the vine, and carefully depositing them in boxes of about 20 kilos each. Thus preventing the grains from crushing and starting to ferment. This would clearly affect our winemaking and maceration process.

In this way, we make sure that the grains do not get damaged. Arriving at the wineries in the best possible conditions. And starting your oxidation process once the must is removed, never before. For our grain – mostly of the Monastrell variety – is small in size and has a high concentration of sugars, which makes it easier for it to have a particular flavor and its maturation to develop over a certain time. Which is essential for any variety of our DEMUERTE wines.

Curiosities around the harvest


Although the harvest process in Spain is very popular, the fact is that there is a lot of ignorance in

around it.

To learn more about it and to know more about what our work is, we’ve collected some curiosities about this work so deeply rooted in our popular culture:

  1. White grapes mature before dark grapes.
  2. Harvest cannot be done when the grape is wet. It is the same as it is by rain or dew. This extra presence of water can cause the quality of the must made from this fruit to be altered.
  3. Manual collection of grapes is much more expensive than mechanical collection, but it also results in a higher quality of wine obtained from this type of slower and careful grape harvest.



As you can see behind each of the bottles of our wines DEMUERTE there is a quiet, careful and constant work. A work in which it is essential to take care of the details that make up each step in order to obtain, in the end, extra quality wines like the ones that make up the DEMUERTE SERIES.


What is your DEMUERTE wine according to your personality. If you want to know which DEMUERTE wine is that best combines according to your personality, keep reading. At WINERY ON CREATIONS we have prepared an article with which we want to help you choose between all the wines in our winery. A different version of pairing. This time we join people with wines.

With this text we want to help you choose the one that best matches you or give away the wine that most resembles someone. You will tell us if we have succeeded in our social media accounts


What is your DEMUERTE wine according to your personality

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we have a wide variety of DEMUERTE wines. And many people contact us to ask us about which is the best match with them. Either because they want the variety to respond to what they expect from a wine, or because they want it to conform to how they want others to perceive it when it is their turn to host or host a meeting.

In any of the cases, we have considered it appropriate to write this article where we hope to help you decide appropriately. Of course, in this case we are going to take into account only your way of being, your personality. In another we will organize our offer according to other variables.

DEMUERTE wine for a cheerful and vital personality

If you are a happy person, full of life, who takes care of the details and pays attention to the moments that make up the day to day, our DEMUERTE GOLD and DEMUERTE DELUXE wines are your main options. These are high-quality wines that have matured for a long time, and that offer experiences in the mouth that remain in the memory long enough to make it special. Both in terms of the intensity of its cherry red color to its aroma. And is that these wines are of a high olfactory intensity, while offering freshness. Where the balsamic notes of ripe fruit, currants or jams appear very well integrated.

DEMUERTE wine for practical personalities

A practical person chooses a versatile wine, but of quality. A wine that will serve you to enjoy alone, but also to share with guests whenever you need it.

In this case, your wine is, without a doubt, DEMUERTE CLASSIC. A wine with its own personality, in which the combinations of Monastrell and Syrah grapes multiply its pairing possibilities. Which makes it the ideal wine to have in our private cellar. In addition, as it is a purplish wine, which has a soft and fine aroma reminiscent of pastries and red fruits, it responds well to the most exquisite palates and the less initiated. In other words, it is the ideal wine for those who always want to look good.

DEMUERTE wine for exquisite personalities

If you are one of those people who choose each of the elements that make up their table. Of those who spend hours choosing the right recipe and acquire the highest quality ingredients for its preparation, without a doubt our DEMUERTE GOLD is your wine.

An intense wine, which has undergone a slow maturation process and in which Monastrell, Syrah and Garnacha grapes have been used.

DEMUERTE wine for thoughtful personalities

For those who are reflective and are looking for a wine to accompany them in their long conversations or thoughts, nothing better than our DEMUERTE WHITE. Our white will sweeten each reflection, providing that elegant and satisfying note that we find in our reasoning.

What is your DEMUERTE wine for a dreamy personality

If you are one of those who likes to accompany their moments of future projection with a good sip of wine, do not hesitate and get DEMUERTE ONE. Our creation based on Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon will help you develop your imagination in a creative and fun way. And all this while holding a glass of our cherry red, with a sweet smell and a somewhat earthy flavor. So that after dreaming you can return to earth in the best possible way.


In any case, remember that all the wines that make up our offer are of excellent quality. So we ask you to give all of them a chance and enjoy the full DEMUERTE range. Possibly, we will end up surprising you and discover more about your own personality.


With these 8 tips to pair your wine with a summer barbecue you will succeed in your social gatherings. And is that WINERY ON CREATIONS we have the best advice for you to combine our wines with the own elaborations of this way of preparing food. So you can get the most out of them and enhance the flavor of the meat, fish and vegetables that make up your barbecue.

8 tips to pair your wine with a summer barbecue

8 tips to pair your wine with a summer barbecue

With the arrival of good weather, barbecues multiply. And it is that few pleasures cost as little as meeting outdoors, with friends or family, around a fire in which the food that we have previously seasoned is prepared little by little.

In this sense, we must highlight 8 tips that will help us achieve the success of our barbecue. Especially, if you choose our DEMUERTE CLASSIC wine, which has many combination possibilities when it comes to food. In any case, our advice is as follows:

  1. Do not mix beer with wine. It is a very frequent mistake. And it is that although the habitual thing is to enjoy the appetizers with beer; try to make the change and you will discover new sensations. Choose several wines for the occasion.
  2. Wine is always drunk from a crystal glass. It is the way to enjoy its color and aroma fully and without any contamination.
  3. In a barbecue the wine is served at a low temperature. It does not matter if it is white, pink or red. Our DEMUERTE CLASSIC can be enjoyed between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. So it is ideal for these occasions.
  4. If our barbecue is mainly made up of meat; it is best to choose red wine. A wine like DEMUERTE CLASSIC, which has body and flavor to accompany all kinds of meats. Whether they are red, white, or hunting. And even preparations that have it as a basic ingredient.
  5. If the barbecue is fish it is best to opt for a white wine. Like our DEMUERTE WHITE that always combines wonderfully with this type of food and is the star of the summer for many reasons. Especially for its pairing with fish, salads and seafood.
  6. Don’t stick with food and conversation. Choose an activity related to gastronomy to make it more complete. For example, it would be nice to organize a wine tasting. In our blog you can find tips to prepare it at home in the right way and develop it properly. It may be how other people discover that wine is much more than just a drink.
  7. Remember that you are the master of ceremonies, not an expert. If there is someone who wants to contribute extra information about the wine, share it. Wine should be a reason for union, never for confrontation.
  8. If you are going to serve some type of dessert at the end of your barbecue, do not hesitate to get a wine that evokes sweet flavors to accompany the bites. Our DEMUERTE CLASSIC or DEMUERTE ONE can be an excellent option. Especially if there is chocolate among its ingredients.

8 tips to pair your wine with a summer barbecue

With all this, from WINERY ON CREATIONS we want you to enjoy your barbecues in the best way and in unbeatable company. What will allow you to be happier and create unique moments forever.

Remember also that on our website we have a virtual store where you can buy as many bottles as you need for your meeting around the barbecue. All you have to do is sign up and fill the cart. We’ll do the rest. Bon Apetit!

Any of our DEMUERTE wines is special. And not only because we say so, but because they have unique characteristics, different from those that a wine from another winery or another area can present.
So that you can get to know them and encourage you to try them, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article in which we want to explain what our wines are like.


Unique characteristics of a DEMUERTE wine

DEMUERTE wine is a modern wine. A work that arises as the result of a careful process. A job that begins in the growing areas and ends when our clients consume the wine. All these pampering make our wines have unique characteristics. A personality, a taste, an aroma, some tones and an appearance different from those of other wines. Some of these main characteristics are the following:
1. They are made with Monastrell grape. It is the native grape of Yecla, the area in which we work and where our vines grow. For each variety of DEMUERTE we use a different percentage. Thus, to make the DEMUERTE BLACK variety, only this variety of grape is used; While to prepare DEMUERTE DELUXE the Monastrell grape is used 80%, completing the wine with 10% Syrah grape and another 10% with the Petit Verdot variety. And so with the rest of the wines.
2. The grapes that are used mainly are the fruit of some old vines of more than 60 years that have a low yield, and that grow in dry areas.
3. The harvest is done by hand. That is, it is collected by hand. In addition, the grains are harvested in boxes where no more than twenty kilos of fruit are deposited to prevent the grain from being damaged.

demuerte black swarosk

Other characteristiques of  DEMUERTE wines

4. All wines undergo a maceration process in stainless steel tanks. In the cases of DEMUERTE DELUXE, DEMUERTE GOLD, DEMUERTE CLASSIC and DEMUERTE ONE, the wines are macerated at 24ºC for 21 days. It is different in the case of DEMUERTE BLACK wine, which macerates in small tanks of one thousand liters.
5. After maceration, the wines undergo malolactic fermentation and subsequent aging in oak barrels. The time they remain in this aging depends on the variety of wine in question. In the case of DEMUERTE ONE for a minimum period of 6 months and for DEMUERTE BLACK, for 20 months.
6. They have an intense color, with shades of great beauty. These colors range from the intense red of DEMUERTE BLACK to the cherry red with garnet rims of the DEMUERTE GOLD variety.
7. The aroma of our wines is sweet. In many cases it is reminiscent of pastries, red fruits, or even oak wood. But it also evokes spices such as cinnamon, paprika or cocoa, to name just a few of them. Hence, they have many possibilities for pairing with both meat and fish or sausages.
8. Regarding taste, it should be noted that DEMUERTE wines are very tasty. Generally, with a smooth and pleasant entry. A round aftertaste that evokes fruit and jam. With ripe and silky tannins, very long, and with pleasant toasts. What even the least demanding palates like.

Now you know the unique characteristics of a DEMUERTE wine and it only remains that you dare to try them. Alone or in company. For our part, we can remind you that you have all of them at your disposal on our website, in the store tab, where you can even see the appearance of each of the bottles.

To speak of the Monastrell grape is to speak of the Yecla designation of origin. Or, what is the same, of a perfect tandem. And it is that this variety of grape, which develops so well in the Yecla area, offers high quality wines. Not only when they are made using only this variety, but also when it is mixed with other grapes.

All this has made the Monastrell grape one of the most popular grape varieties today. That there are many wineries that use it in their creations. And that its flavor, its aroma and its tannins have caused the emergence of new, modern wines, with a renewed concept of wine culture. And all this without losing the essence. That offered by the mature Monastrell vineyards that have been planted for decades in the Yecla area, and throughout the Spanish Levante.

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we use the Monastrell variety grape in our creations. And we obtain the grains from our crops located in the places of Yecla, so we know that this combination is really a winning tandem. So that you know why we affirm all this, we have written this article with which we also want you to know us a little more.

Monastrell and Yecla: a perfect tandem

Yecla is the name of a Murcian town, but it is also the name given to one of the most traditional Denominations of Origin in the Iberian Peninsula.

A place that in WINERY ON CREATIONS we consider emblematic of the Mediterranean essence.
It should be noted that, at present, this Denomination of Origin occupies an area of ​​about 6,500 hectares of vineyards and two geographically differentiated areas. One of them is Campo Arriba. It is located in the north of Yecla and at an altitude between 700 and 800 meters. Its soils are usually limestone and stony.

For its part, the other area of ​​the Yecla Denomination of Origin is called Campo down, and occupies the southern area. These vineyards are at an altitude between 400 and 500 meters, and their soils are characterized by having a more clayey and sandy composition than in the other area of ​​the Denomination of Origin.

In any case, we can affirm without fear of being wrong that vines with specific characteristics grow in both areas. Above all, because they grow in extreme conditions. An environment that offers personality, flavor, aromas and very specific composition to the grapes obtained.

In this way, it should be noted that the climate that surrounds this area is extreme, with cold winters and very hot summers (what is called continental climate).

These weather conditions are excellent for the Monastrell grape vineyards, which make the most of each one of the raindrops, each ray of sunlight that reaches them. Hence, this variety of grape is the main red variety used in the area and that it is the one that has given it a uniqueness for more than five centuries. Although it should be noted in this regard that the recognition of Denomination of Origin did not occur until the early seventies of the 20th century.


Monastrell grape: the favorite in Yecla

Monastrell is the main red variety grown in the Yecla Denomination of Origin. A unique grape variety for its qualities to produce wines with a very mineral Mediterranean character.

The Monastrell grape harvest in Yecla takes place late in late September. This is because this grape has a longer plant cycle than other varieties, but also a later ripening.

Almost the entire harvest process that is carried out in the Yecla Denomination of Origin as regards the Monastrell variety grapes is manual. In this way it is achieved that the grape reaches the winery in the optimal state, which leads to a higher quality of the same.

This modus operandi is what we use at WINERY ON CREATIONS. A process of extreme care of the product that continues once we begin to manipulate it in the different fermentation and aging processes that we carry out in the winery.
And it is precisely this precision in our work that offers an unmatched quality to our DEMUERTE wines, which you can find out in detail on our website. A virtual space that we invite you to know and enjoy.



The Monastrell grape: favorite and praised; justly. This is what most consumers think and they do so with good reason. This is the reason we said its justly. And the fact is that this variety of grape has some peculiarities that make it an appreciated ingredient by itself, but also as a fruit that intervenes in the elaboration of other wines. Thus, the Monastrell grape variety is one of the most widely used today to achieve very different wines rich in nuances.
At WINERY ON CREATIONS we know the wide possibilities this grape variety has, hence we use it in all our DEMUERTE wines, except for the DEMUERTE White variety.
So that you can get to know it better and know why we are so interested in it, we have written this article in which we explain everything about the Monastrell grape.

The Monastrell grape is one of the varieties typical of the Iberian Peninsula

It is known that his arrival in our country occurred at least six centuries ago, although it is suspected that it is earlier. That at least is what emerges from the content of some documents that were found references to the sale of this grape.
Although at present this grape is highly valued for making wines, at first it was used as a base to make other wines. Hence, it was sold mainly in bulk.
Today, it is a highly prized grape for making red wines. Especially in warm areas, where it grows and develops excellently. For this reason it is used in many of the current wineries in the Mediterranean basin, the southern United States or Australia. Especially those wineries that pursue the creation of modern wines with a special flavor.

Characteristics of the Monastrell grape

The Monastrell grape has some peculiarities that make it different from the rest of the grapes. The main ones are the following:
Its grains are medium or small, black or blue-gray in color.
• The harvest takes place at the end of September. That is, it is late.
It is a grape with a very sweet and powerful flavor, which does not leave the same who tastes it.
With it, wines of high alcohol content are obtained.
Its high tannins, especially when it grows and develops in hot years. These tannins are softened after the must obtained in the first press has passed through the barrel.
It produces wines with an intense ruby ​​color, medium and high acidity, with a great flavor.

Wines made from the Monastrell grape at WINERY ON CREATIONS

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we know the potential of the Monastrell grape. That is why we use it in all our red wines. Of course, in different proportions and even combining it with other grapes to get the most out of it and make new wines with which to surprise your palate. In this way, in our winery you will be able to find it like this:
1. DEMUERTE BLACK. Made only with Monastrell grapes, it comes from old pre-phylloxera loam roots.
2. DEMUERTE DELUXE. Made with Monastrell grape in 80%, with Syrah variety grapes in 10%, and with Petit Verdot in another 10%.
3. DEMUERTE GOLD. We make 50% Monastrell grapes, 30% Syrah grapes and 20% Tintorera grapes.
4. DEMUERTE CLASSIC. Which has 50% Monastrell grape and 50% Syrah grape.
5. DEMUERTE ONE. Made from 90% Monastrell grapes and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

So, if you want to know why the Monastrell grape is so precious in our culture and wineries, you just have to try one of our creations. Any of the varieties of DEMUERTE will leave you a record of it. Do you dare to try them all?


DEMUERTE CLASSIC has just obtained the silver medal in the prestigious SAKURA Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2021. An international award that distinguishes the quality of this wine and that supports the hard work WINERY ON CREATIONS in recent years.



SAKURA Japan Women’s Wine Awards 2021 is the last edition of the Japanese wine contest in which only judges participate and this year it was held the last week of February in Osaka (Japan).

It is evident that at an international level there are more and more women tasters, winemakers, sommeliers, etc. and of course wine lovers. As a consequence, women gain weight in the international market for this precious product and an award given by women judges in its entirety can be understood as synonymous with the success of the winning wine.

This edition has registered a total of 4562 product entries. Which is a significant increase over last year. And all this even though we are in a global pandemic situation. An aspect that has marked the development of the event in which of course all the necessary health and safety guidelines have been followed, as can be seen in the images of the event.

With this new contest, the objective of revitalizing and promoting the wine market in Japan is fulfilled, taking into account the criteria and tastes of women. A large sector of the population, not only in the Japanese country; but all over the world.


The “SAKURA” Awards began its history in 2014 as an international wine competition judged by women in Japan. Chaired by Yumi Tanabe, an active wine educator and leader in the Asian country, the awards have been growing steadily and now it has become one of the largest and most important wine competitions in Asia.

Today the results of the contest attract a lot of attention, both from Japan and abroad. And it is that his own organization has already encouraged the evolution of new wine selection criteria from the perspective of Japanese women. This led to a greater activation of the culture of wine and its consumption in the Japanese market.



DEMUERTE CLASSIC has managed to rise, for the second time, with a place in the finalist medal table of the SAKURA AWARDS. This means the possibility of promoting itself as quality wine in Japan. And it is that the wines that get a SAKURA AWARD are promoted by the organizer and by importers throughout the country, especially among restaurant spaces.

DEMUERTE CLASSIC is a wine made from grapes of the Monastrell and Syrah varieties, which participate in the same percentage of its composition. It is a purplish-red wine, which has a fine aroma that recalls and evokes red fruits with a soft background of oak and pastries.

Its passage through the mouth is smooth and unctuous, a pleasure for the senses. In addition, the brand DEMUERTE in general and DEMUERTE CLASSIC in particular surprises with an original, fresh and suggestive label. These are the reasons because DEMUERTE CLASSIC has got the silver medal in the SAKURA AWARDS 2021.

Without a doubt, the awards that the winery’s wines receive give us new impulses to continue working, to bring our wines closer to supporters from the 5 continents and why not? keep increasing the saga with new creations.

With the varieties of the DEMUERTE saga, the wine from our winery is dressed as a label, putting a special design note on our table. And is that today the appearance of wine bottles is as important as its content. Hence, the design of labels and packaging has become a discipline to take into account in the wine field. Especially in your marketing.

At WINERYON CREATIONS we have taken care, from our beginnings, on the design and appearance of our wine labels. Hence, our DEMUERTE saga is committed to an innovative design. A hallmark with which our wines differ from other wines wherever they are. An image with which they are easily recognizable around the world. But, above all, an aspect that materializes who we are behind the work of the winery, what the work we do is like and the quality of our wine offer. It is definitive, it explains how we are at WINERYON CREATIONS.

A label that crosses borders and defines the entire DEMUERTE saga

The label of our wines DEMUERTE is an original work that combines the image of the silhouette of a skull and the legend DEMUERTE.

Regarding the silhouette, it must be said that, depending on the variety of DEMUERTE it accompanies, it acquires one aspect or another, transmitting the personality and characteristics of the wine at a single glance. Thus, for example, for our DEMUERTE CLASSIC variety we chose bright and vivid colors, almost electric. A gesture that was almost a tribute to one of the most popular symbols of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. However, for the label of our DEMUERTE GOLD, how could it be otherwise, we opted for the same silhouette but with the lines in gold, thereby offering a message of elegance, luxury, party.

This adaptation of the label is carried out with all the wines of the series. Opting for one or the other colors and tonality. And even with luxury applications such as shiny inlays as in the case of DEMUERTE BLACK wine or absolutely amazing like DEMUERTE ONE that are visible in the dark.

The DEMUERTE legend always uses the same typeface, although as with the skull, it also changes color. Only in the case of DEMUERTE DELUXE wine is there a variation. In this case, the composition is expanded both at the bottom and at the top by acquiring a differentiating hue. What causes the label to appear more decorated than the rest, including even some watermarks on its outer frame.


A strong communication strategy is key to getting to the table

Strengthening the marketing strategy is a “must” after such sophisticated work.

Our fresh, suggestive and original image is also spread through our social networks and our blog. So that our followers are aware of our news and information. Information that we compose periodically in an unpublished way and with which we share ideas and suggestions for our clients, friends and acquaintances from all over the world.

And it is that in WINERYON CREATIONS we are lucky to have clients and followers from all over the world.

And, as a tribute to DEMUERTE customers spread over the five continents, we share images in which they are seen enjoying our wines. Something that makes us proud. If you want to see them, you just have to visit our accounts on Instagram @demuerte and Facebook (@DemuerteWine), where you will find many of them.

There are many reasons to drink wine, but at WINERYON CREATIONS we want to share the 12 healthy reasons to drink wine that we consider the most successful. And it is that, although no one escapes that drinking wine in a prudent way brings numerous benefits to our organism, we are not always able to explain why.

Hence, we have considered it interesting to write this article. Here we expose you curiosities and very interesting facts about the act of drinking wine.


Reasons to drink wine:

  1. It is a food rich in minerals. Among those found in greater quantity are: lithium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium.
  2. Reduce the risk of depression. Numerous studies carried out in universities around the world conclude that people who drink wine regularly suffer fewer episodes of depression than those who, under the same circumstances, do not.
  3. Protect your colon from possible cancer. According to studies from the University of Leicester, resveratrol (a substance found in red wine) helps protect the colon from attack by cancer cells.
  4. Related to the previous point, it should be noted that resveratrol has also been revealed as an effective substance in the control of dementia. And it is that it has been proven that people who drink red wine regularly and moderately have lower blood viscosity, which helps maintain a good blood supply in the brain.
  5. Strengthen the protection of your skin against ultraviolet rays. And it is that the flavonoids that are part of wine and, previously, of grapes inhibit the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that damage skin cells.
  6. Improve cardiovascular health. This is because drinking wine helps reduce the concentration of atherogenic plaques in the arteries. That is, they increase the levels of HDL or good cholesterol compared to LDL.
  7. Prevent the appearance of breast cancer. Unlike what happens with other alcoholic beverages, drinking wine reduces levels of estrogen and increases testosterone levels in women who are premenopausal. This is due to the substances found in the skin and seeds of red grapes.
  8. Our wines will help you protect your vision, skin and colon, among many other parts of your body.
  9. Avoid developing blindness. Again it is due to the resveratrol in red wine. This substance works as a vision protector.
  10. Reduces the activity of bacteria found in food. So eating with white or red wine is an ally to protect our digestive system and our body in general. Those who drink wine are 30% less likely to have a heart attack. Again it is thanks to the effects of the ingredients that make up the wine.
  11. Strengthen the composition of bones in women. Drinking wine strengthens the structure and composition of the bones since, as has been explained, they contain significant amounts of calcium. This means that women who regularly drink wine are less prone to decalcification.
  12. Drinking wine keeps us young. And it is that wine has vasodilator properties that fight the agents that cause the oxidation of cells. Which lead us to stay younger too much time.


So, you know, if you want to benefit from all this, drink wine. But remember, in moderation and choosing quality wines. Wines like the ones we make at WINERY ON CREATIONS and that you can buy in our online store. A place where you will learn more details about it.