You can now enjoy a new version of DEMUERTE: DEMUERTE ONE LUMINOUS EDITION . This is a new light edition with which the Winery On winery surprises wine lovers.

DEMUERTE ONE LUMINOUS EDITION  is already one of the most demanded products of the winery. It is sought for the most special evenings, as there is no doubt that it will become the center of attention for its spectacular label.

On this occasion the original and groundbreaking design of the brand is committed to light. The creation of a luminescent label once again leaves the followers of the brand completely surprised.

A very striking and elegant label, with which the wine stands out in the dark. For this, the already popular color skull label has been dyed this time only with phosphorescent ink that reacts when there is no light around it.



DEMUERTE ONE is the fifth wine of the saga of the same name that launches the Winery On winery, a winery belonging to the Yecla Designation of Origin.

It is a very personal wine with which you can taste the taste of an excellent red wine, as there is no other in the market. For its elaboration grapes of the varieties have been used: Monastrell (in 90% of the total wine) and Cabernet Sauvignon (which completes the remaining 10% of its composition.)

The grapes that have been used in the preparation of DEMUERTE ONE come from strains that are over fifteen years old and that develop in extreme weather conditions with very cold winters and very hot summers.

Throughout the winemaking process with all the affection and delicacy with which the winery produces each of its creations, this time a wine that is characterized by a cherry red color, an intense and sweet smell reminiscent of the wine is obtained Ripe red fruit, spices and toasted.

DEMUERTE ONE is a medium-bodied wine, with a soft tannin, which is somewhat earthy in the drink, and has good acidity and smoothness.

So, if you want to surprise your guests with a quality wine and a spectacular appearance, do not hesitate and look for the new DEMUERTE ONE.
More information about all the wines in the winery on the Winery on website.

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DEMUERTE  DELUXE label has been the winner of the first edition of the Label Awards of AIFEC, (Iberian Association of Label Manufacturers) a prestigious award in which the winner has been chosen by the votes of a professional jury and the of those attending the XXI AIFEC Congress held in Sitges from May 23 to 26.

ETYGRAF, the company that manufactures the etiquetas, has received the prize for the best work in the category of Beverages and Food for its project DEMUERTE DELUXE, a label for a bottling of a very special wine in a luxury packaging. The label has been made with an adhesive velvet with one ink printing, five hot stamps and dry relief.

Both the WINERY ON design team led by Karel Eissner and the ETYGRAF company are very proud of the prestigious recognition obtained.

According to Karel Eissner, it is a very meticulous creative work perfectly executed, in which the skull DEMUERTE with 5 metallic stamps is the protagonist of the label along with the velvet material so exclusive in this type of labels.

The winning label DEMUERTE DELUXE has received a trophy and, in addition, they will participate automatically in the international FINAT prize next year.

mejor etiqueta de España