If you want to put a luxury note on your table and surprise your guests, nothing like having one (or several) bottles of our Demuerte Deluxe wine. A cherry coloured wine with its own personality and exquisite taste that responds well to any possible pairing.

For if you don’t already know it, in Wineryon we have written this article with which we want to highlight the main characteristics of this wine. One of the jewels in our winery.demuerte deluxe


DEMUERTE DELUXE wine is made from the combination of three types of grapes: Monastrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot. Each in the following proportions: 80%, 10% and 10%.

These grapes come from old vines over 60 years old that are grown on dryland, offering a low yield, but very precious. And it is that they grow and develop in lands that are exposed to very cold winters and very hot summers, which offers them unique peculiarities.

In order for none of the ripe grapes to suffer any damage (and their decomposition accelerates) their harvest is done by hand, depositing the fruit in boxes where no more than 20 kilos of product accumulates. An artisanal harvest in which no machinery is used.

The must obtained from the pressing of these grapes undergoes a winemaking process that lasts 21 days. A time when wine in its most primitive phase is in stainless steel tanks at 24oC temperature. The ideal temperature for you to take body and start to mature.

After this time, the wine will stay for 18 months aged in new French oak barrels. A slow process in which the wine will acquire its peculiarities of smell, taste and body; so that, subsequently, to be able to move to a bottle.

A completely opaque black bottle on which a velvet label has been attached on which the silhouette of a skull to Mexican taste has been drawn, with multiple metallic colors. Around it, as if originating in the same skull, a series of bright blue rays and corners full of golden filigree.demuerte deluxe



Purchasing DEMUERTE DELUXE is very simple, especially if you enter our online store and take care of it (previously you must have identified yourself). We will send it to you where you indicate in the minimum possible time so that you can enjoy it as soon as possible.

Once you open a bottle of DEMUERTE DELUXE you will discover an intense cherry red wine (picota we could say), elegant on the nose, where we will have the impression of being smelling of ripe fruit on a base of smoked and spices. An exquisite combination that takes us to any spice stand in the world evoking all of them in one gesture.

With all this, the drink of this wine is long and velvety. Very soft and tasty, hence it is a suitable broth for all kinds of consumers: from the most expert to those who only drink wine sporadically. And that we can combine with all kinds of food, although the ideal is with those embodiments that carry some kind of meat, because it allows us to clean it after each drink.

Así pues, si quieres disfrutar de un vino de calidad, artesanal, que gusta a todo tipo de paladares y que ponga una nota de distinción en tu mesa: no lo dudes, adquiere  A buen seguro que nadie se quedará igual.

So, if you want to enjoy a quality, handmade wine that likes all kinds of palates and that puts a note of distinction on your table: do not hesitate, buy DEMUERTE DELUXE. We are sure no one will stay the same.

uva monastrell

The Monastrell grape is a very popular grape variety in mediterranean basin crops. Especially on the spanish Levante coast, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. Currently it is also possible to find vine extensions of this grape in some areas of the United States and even in Australia.

This grape variety is also known by the names Mataró (in Portugal) and Mourvsed (French voice that comes from the Valencian voice of Sagunto).

Our main peculiarity is that it has a thick skin that allows it to withstand the blow of raindrops well without suffering the grain. A grain that is usually small in size.

The strain of the Monastrell grape also grows in warm or temperate areas, and matures very late and for very little time. Because it has a lot of sugars and is small in size, the grains start to dry out quickly. Plummeting its acidity. Which results in a plum flavor that is not always welcome by winemakers, who seek other contributions in terms of aroma and taste.

It is a grape variety that adapts well to many types of soils, hence it is grown in many different lands of temperate areas of the planet. In some of them obtaining some of the most prestigious wines that exist. Which says a lot about the quality of these grapes.




Uses of Monastrell grapes

Since it is a grape has a lot of skin it is usually used to create dark wines with a lot of alcohol content. Therefore, it is often used as part of the composition of other wines, where other grape varieties are also used. In these cases, Monastrell is often used to give color and to offer tannic values and fruity taste.

At Wineryon, however, we use it almost exclusively, to make our wines. Grains that we grow in very old vines (in old vines with free pre-phylloxeric standing), with a low yield, which offer high quality grains (which we collect in the month of November) and that subsist in very cold winters and very hot summers.

With them we make our wines, some of them only with this grape variety. And, in other cases, combining it with other grapes with which it completes its qualities.


In the first case is our star wine: Demuerte Black. A red wine made only from this grape that has the following peculiarities: an intense and bright cherry red colour; a fresh smell, which has some balsamic notes lots of ripe fruit, currant jams all well combined while also having a spicy character, in which we recognize different sweet spices, paprika, different cinnamon, or even cocoa.

With all this, the Monastrell grape is shown as essential in a soft and pleasant wine, round, flavored with fruit and jam, with a high percentage of ripe and silky tannins, which make your drink very long and leave a hint of friendly toasted notes.

We also use the Monastrell grape in the production of other varieties of our Demuerte wine. For example, in Demuerte Deluxe (where it shares with two other grape varieties in the following percentages: Monastrell 80%, Syrah 10%, Petit Verdot 10%); in our wine Demuerte Gold (where the percentages and varieties are as follows: Monastrell 50%, Syrah 30% and Tintorera 20%);Demuerte Classic (where Monastrell is mixed with the Syrah grape at 50%), and finally in our Demuerte One (where Monastrell combines with cabernet Sauvignon grapes in a percentage of 90-10 respectively).

So, if you want to taste the qualities of the Monastrell grape, do not hesitate and taste some of the wines we make in Wineryon. They will take you into a world of sensations and connect you with the essence of wine in the Mediterranean!

The Monastrell grape is one of the most used red grapes in the vineyards of the Mediterranean basin, although it can also be found in hot areas around the world.

This is because it is a grape that adapts greatly to the clima swings of this area and that these are very resistant strains, which are able to grow and develop in hard-to-reach spaces or in soils of very diverse composition.

It is one of the grapes that has been with us longer, hence it is used throughout Spain by many wineries that use it as a base or together with other grape varieties to make their wines. Studies have been studying that this type of grape has been grown on our peninsula since the 5th century BC.

At Wineryon we are committed to the production of wines from this grape, hence all the products that leave our winery have been made from it. And it is a grape with particularities when it comes to harvesting and taste that makes it conducive to creating modern wines.

In fact, our Demuerte wine is made with this type of grape, sometimes as the only grape and others in combination with others. And it’s one of the best grades you’re getting in tastings around the world. Which means we’re working in the right direction.

Uva Monastrell y vinos DEMUERTE

Focusing on the Monastrell grape, for example, it should be noted that for the production of our Demuerte Black wine we use only Monastrell grapes that come from old strains with a pre-phylloxeric franc footing. Or that, in the case of our WineDemuerte Deluxe we make combinations. In this specific case based on the Monastrell grape but working it as follows: Monastrell 80%, Syrah 10%, and Petit Verdot 10%.

Another result is that we get from mixing Monastrell grapes (by 50%), Syrah grapes (30%); and grapes of the Tintorera variety (20%) to obtain the Demuerte Gold wine; one of the most popular in our catalog.

Simpler is the formula that we follow to make our Demuerte Classic wine, with which we debut in the market. In this case we work only two varieties of grapes: Monastrell la and Syrah, both at 50%.

Another path we set in was the one that resulted in Demuerte One, in which we mixed Monastrell grapes in 90% and grapes of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety by 10%.

In all these are formulas that, based on the Monastrell grape, satisfy all kinds of palates. Even the most demanding ones.

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Monastrell Grape: Key Features

The main characteristics of the Monastrell grape are as follows:

  1. It is a late harvest grape that is born to be harvested in late September and early October.
  2. Their clusters are conical in shape and have a lot of grains, so they are usually very tight and small in size.
  3. It is an intense black grape.
  4. Its flavor is intense and usually varies depending on the area in which it is grown, although it is normal to remember or evoke wood and fruits
  5. It can be left to overmadriate in the strain for some time without the fruit deteriorating.
  6. It is a grape that can be mixed with other varieties such as Grenache, which is with which it has the greatest affinity. However, it also produces interesting wines when mixed with Merlot or Syrah grapes.


So, if you want to taste the Monastrell grape in all its splendor, do not hesitate and buy some of the wines we make in Wineryon. Its taste, texture and color will not leave you impassive and you can discover a new way to consume wine.


Spanish wines are synonimous with prestige and quality worldwide. A fact that has led them to differentiate themost from the other productions where the competition is very high. 

Its aromas, its flavors, the quality of its aging, the wide combinations of its grapes, respect for the tradition of the production processes, its wide capacity of pairing, etc. are some of the aspects highlighted by international juries in all their decisions about these wines.

This should not surprise us considering that Spain is the first country in the world in terms of vineyard area for winemaking. Hundreds of thousands of hectares that are governed by the regulations that mark the 102 appellations of origin of the whole country. Entities that make sure that the own and differential characteristics of these crops and their winemaking are respected. All this is due to the particularities related to the geographical environment in which the raw materials are produced, the products are made and the influence that the human factor that participates in them has.

We find samples of all this in the different studies and selections that are made in the popular  Gourmet Wine Guides that are made all over the world. Lists that vary from year to year and that, in the case of Spanish wines, vary even according to the criteria that apply in tastings. 



The reports prepared by the experts of the Gourmet Wine Guides 2019 highlight the twenty best quality wines in our country. Among them are the wines produced in the  Denomination of Origin La Rioja, which accumulates the greatest number of wines that achieve the best score. In fact, he has managed to make eight wines sneak in the top twenty of this selection. A milestone considering that in what is done to make wines, there is more and more competition.

vinos españoles la rioja

The second place in this ranking is the wines made in the wineries of the  Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin, which achieves five of the twenty places in this select group.

Among the other wines are made in Castilla León, the Denomination of Origin Jerez; the Denomination of Origin El Priorato; and a Cava.

It should be remembered that the experts who make these guides perform blind tastings. That is, at no time do they know the identity of the wines they taste. So there are no external factors that influence your assessment.

Vinos españoles yecla

Outside this selection although for a few points are the wines made in the Denomination of Origin of Yecla, which have been very well considered in other international and national selections and tastings. One of them is the Guide to Low Cost Wines 2019, where wines made in this area of the Spanish Levante have achieved most of the outstanding positions.

In this sense it is also worth highlighting the different awards and distinctions that Yecla wines have achieved in the different remarkable aspects of the wines. Thus, for example, our WINE DEMUERTE DELUXE has won the first prize of the competition of the Iberian Association of Label Manufacturers of Spain 2019; or the highest recognition that DEMUERTE achieved earlier this year in the international contests MundusVini 2019 and SakuraWineAwards 2019.

Vinos españoles en sakurawineawards

Wine tasting at Sakura Wine Awards 2019


At WINERYON we are very proud to belong to such a prestigious and quality market, such as Spanish wine. And we know that this fact carries a great responsibility, hence we take care of all the aspects that participate in the development and elaboration of each of our wines. A fact that has had an excellent international reception, where our wines are highly appreciated and recognized.

In the market there is a great variety of wines and we don’t always know which one is the best. Hence, on some occasions, having dedicated much time, money and effort to prepare a great evening, we find a wine that is not up to par.

So that you do not see yourself again in this situation, it is best to learn several tricks with which to recognize a good wine. For this in WINERY ON we have written the following article in which we will give you some clues. Read carefully and start applying each of our tips from today. Your lunches and dinners with friends and family will be a major success thereafter.



According to the most prestigious sommeliers, there are a number of characteristics that unite good quality wines. Paying attention to these small details when choosing can give us the key to success. They are the keys to good wine and are summarized in the following:

  1. a good wineThe color. It must correspond to the type of wine we want to buy. Obviously, the color depends a lot on the type of grape or if your skin is more or less thick, the maceration time etc. But in any case, it is important to pay attention to this aspect. We will give you some advice in this regard: a young white should be a pale yellow; if it is very high in color it may be rusty, so it is better not to buy it. The same happens with reds, if their tone is violet, it is a young red, which will not be as compatible if you are going to pair with red meat.
  2. Smell. Try to buy wines in specialized stores where you can smell the contents of the bottle before buying it. If the wine reminds you of flowers, fruits and suggests similar things to smell it, it is that we are facing a good wine. If it is sour and vinegar, it flees from it.
  3. Smell and taste together. This tandem must form a unique whole. If we observe that there is a lot of presence and excess of wood that masks the other aromas, better discard it since it is possible that it has remained in barrels that have not been aerated and may present elements that contaminate its flavor.
  4. Balance between the elements. The smell, the taste, its color, etc. They must be perfectly integrated into a whole. If one of them stands out above the rest, it may have some anomaly. In that case, we better not choose it again.
  5. Alcohol and tannins. They should favor salivation in their mouth. It is the way in which they will leave memories in the diner, so they should be balanced smooth silky and not astringent.
  6. Persistence. The taste of a wine must remain in the mouth for some time. Hence, talk about long wines. Usually, when a wine remains for ten seconds in the mouth it is a good wine.
  7. Complexity. The wines evolve in each sip and the person must perceive that these alterations occur because the wine is awakening their senses. If this happens, it is a good wine. Otherwise it is a flat wine that will not help us much in our evenings.
  8. The smell of wine must remain in our nose. It must be remembered that the senses form a whole and that it is essential that all remain for a few seconds in the person. The smell too.
  9. Crystalline appearance. If the wine looks cloudy, discard the bottle. Good wines always have a clear and crystalline appearance, without imperfections.
  10. A careful bottle and proper packaging. They say a lot of the care that has been taken in the preparation of that wine and assures us a good percentage of success at the table. Remember that beauty is also part of our way of enjoying wine.

So, you know, if you want to choose a wine properly, it is best to follow our advice. And if you want to get it right and you don’t have time to do everything we’ve told you, don’t worry. Visit our online store and select any of our products. All of them are quality wines that will make your meals look wonderful.

Winery On Bodegas launches its new wine: DEMUERTE WHITE. It is a white wine of great quality, also natural from the Yecla area, Murcia.

With this new addition, the winery offers the DEMUERTE fervent followers a white wine that offers the same original style, casual and with a wild touch of this original and attractive range.

Its label, in the same way as the rest of the brand’s elaborations, represents the traditional skull but this time with light and bright tones. White combines with a refreshing peach tone and gold accents.

An elegant label, which perfectly expresses the quality and characteristics of the wine it contains inside. A white whose final drink reminds of fruits and herbs and whose aroma also reminds of white flowers, peach in syrup and hints of apricot, citrus and tropical fruits.



The DEMUERTE WHITE wine is a fresh and modern wine, but of smooth unctuousness, creaminess and body that balance the tasting note and is made from grapes of the varieties: Sauvignon Blanc (80% of the total) and Verdejo ( which completes the remaining 20% of the wine).

The grapes from which DEMUERTE WHITE is made are obtained from strains that are over 20 years old and that grow and develop in a low yield environment.

The vineyards where they come from endure an extreme climate with very cold winters and very hot summers. An ideal climate to give grapes of the quality that DEMUERTE WHITE demands.

As a result of all these factors, only this excellent white wine that completes the DEMUERTE saga could be obtained to continue offering all the quality and design also in WHITE


You can now enjoy a new version of DEMUERTE: DEMUERTE ONE LUMINOUS EDITION . This is a new light edition with which the Winery On winery surprises wine lovers.

DEMUERTE ONE LUMINOUS EDITION  is already one of the most demanded products of the winery. It is sought for the most special evenings, as there is no doubt that it will become the center of attention for its spectacular label.

On this occasion the original and groundbreaking design of the brand is committed to light. The creation of a luminescent label once again leaves the followers of the brand completely surprised.

A very striking and elegant label, with which the wine stands out in the dark. For this, the already popular color skull label has been dyed this time only with phosphorescent ink that reacts when there is no light around it.



DEMUERTE ONE is the fifth wine of the saga of the same name that launches the Winery On winery, a winery belonging to the Yecla Designation of Origin.

It is a very personal wine with which you can taste the taste of an excellent red wine, as there is no other in the market. For its elaboration grapes of the varieties have been used: Monastrell (in 90% of the total wine) and Cabernet Sauvignon (which completes the remaining 10% of its composition.)

The grapes that have been used in the preparation of DEMUERTE ONE come from strains that are over fifteen years old and that develop in extreme weather conditions with very cold winters and very hot summers.

Throughout the winemaking process with all the affection and delicacy with which the winery produces each of its creations, this time a wine that is characterized by a cherry red color, an intense and sweet smell reminiscent of the wine is obtained Ripe red fruit, spices and toasted.

DEMUERTE ONE is a medium-bodied wine, with a soft tannin, which is somewhat earthy in the drink, and has good acidity and smoothness.

So, if you want to surprise your guests with a quality wine and a spectacular appearance, do not hesitate and look for the new DEMUERTE ONE.
More information about all the wines in the winery on the Winery on website.


mejor etiqueta de españa


DEMUERTE  DELUXE label has been the winner of the first edition of the Label Awards of AIFEC, (Iberian Association of Label Manufacturers) a prestigious award in which the winner has been chosen by the votes of a professional jury and the of those attending the XXI AIFEC Congress held in Sitges from May 23 to 26.

ETYGRAF, the company that manufactures the etiquetas, has received the prize for the best work in the category of Beverages and Food for its project DEMUERTE DELUXE, a label for a bottling of a very special wine in a luxury packaging. The label has been made with an adhesive velvet with one ink printing, five hot stamps and dry relief.

Both the WINERY ON design team led by Karel Eissner and the ETYGRAF company are very proud of the prestigious recognition obtained.

According to Karel Eissner, it is a very meticulous creative work perfectly executed, in which the skull DEMUERTE with 5 metallic stamps is the protagonist of the label along with the velvet material so exclusive in this type of labels.

The winning label DEMUERTE DELUXE has received a trophy and, in addition, they will participate automatically in the international FINAT prize next year.

mejor etiqueta de España