Combine your DEMUERTE DELUXE wine with a good dinner with red meat


Combine your bottle of DEMUERTE DELUXE wine with a red meat good dinner and enhance the flavor of both. And is that DEMUERTE DELUXE is a wine whose composition and characteristics make it go especially well with this type of food. Hence, it is the wine most demanded by our customers for next Christmas when the presence of red meat is common on the tables of all homes.

So, that you can know the reasons for this perfect combination, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article with which we want you to better know our DEMUERTE DELUXE wine and its possibilities at the table.


Pair your DEMUERTE DELUXE wine


When we are preparing a menu in which red meat is the star, we must pay special attention to the wine we select to accompany it. And, although traditionally it is thought that any red wine pairs well with this type of food, the reality is quite different.

A poor selection of wines can completely nullify the richness of a stew or piece of meat. Even cancel it if its flavor or aroma is excessive. A situation that we must avoid under any circumstances if we want our work to look as it deserves.

So, that this does not happen to you, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we recommend that you choose our DEMUERTE DELUXE wine. One of our creations with more body and possibilities of pairing with red meat. A successful formula that will surely bring you many joys as a host or hostess.


DEMUERTE DELUXE and red meat


DEMUERTE DELUXE is one of the seven wines that make up our DEMUERTE collection. Made from Monastrell grapes (80%), Syrah (10%,) and Petit Verdot (the remaining 10%) DEMUERTE DELUXE is a wine with a very intense cherry color, whose smell is reminiscent of ripe fruit, smoked and spices.

In this case, we talk about a powerful wine with a gradation of 14.5% Vol. With a smooth and velvety mid palate. That, in addition, drags any excess fat that has remained in our mouth when we eat a food. Hence, it is ideal for meats with a powerful flavor such as those that are extracted from veal or game. And it is a wine that will be at its height, but will not compete for its flavor or hide it behind a series of elements that make it up.

On the contrary, DEMUERTE DELUXE will complement the meat you are serving at the table, enhancing even the spices and other ingredients with which you have seasoned it during cooking. Which will generate an unbeatable experience for your taste buds.


DEMUERTE DELUXE an award-winning wine

DEMUERTE DELUXE is also a highly awarded wine, both inside and outside of Spain. In this sense, it should be noted that this wine has received the Mundus Vini International Wine Grand Prize, where it was considered an exceptional wine and was awarded the gold medal of this important competition; and the Sakura Wine Awards in its 2019 edition, which awarded it the gold medal.

Its appearance has also been awarded as it is very different from other bottles of wine that we can find on the market. One of these awards was the AIFEC Label Award offered by the Iberian Association of Label Manufacturers of Spain. An award that highlighted the quality of it. An element that is specified in a skull made up of five metallic stampings and an exclusive velvet material that has been specially conceived for the occasion.


So, if you want to get the most out of your preparation with red meat, don’t hesitate and get bottles of DEMUERTE DELUXE so that your lunches and dinners shine just as you deserve. Remember that you can buy them in our web store or in your trusted wine cellar.




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