The success of WINERY ON CREATIONS is due to the quality and flavor of its DEMUERTE wines

Demuerte wines

The success of WINERY ON CREATIONS wines is due to the high quality and the flavor of its DEMUERTE WINES, which have no equal on the current market. An objective that we have achieved thanks to a careful production process in which attention is paid to all the details.


The success of WINERY ON CREATIONS is due to the quality and flavor of its DEMUERTE wines

Not all wines are the same. Not much less. And it is that the quality of the grapes that are used to make them, the selection process of the grains and the care taken in their handling, as well as the different processes to which the must is subjected make a wine or a high quality wine.

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we are aware of all this, hence we have one of the most complete and highest quality wine offers on the market. So that you can know it, we have written this article in which we give you the reasons that lead us to make such a statement.

Reason 1: Singular cultivation process

Every process has a beginning and this is decisive on the result obtained. That of DEMUERTE wines has its roots in strains of the Monastrell variety. A crop that is developed in the lands of Yecla and offers us high quality grape grains. We also use other varieties of grapes (such as Syrah or Petit Verdot), although we usually always use Monastrell in some proportion. And it is that this high quality grape unites us with our winemaking tradition and has an excellent flavor.

Reason 2: Unique Fermentation Processes

Once harvested by hand and in boxes, our grapes undergo different processes that allow us to get the most out of it. In this part of the process we always highlight our maceration in small tanks and aging and aging in new French Allier oak barrels with a capacity of 225 liters, for different periods. Being 20 months for our DEMUERTE BLACK; 18 months in our DEMUERTE DELUXE; or a minimum of 12 months in the case of DEMUERTE GOLD, to give three examples.

Reason 3: High Quality Wines = DEMUERTE Wines

After this process, we obtain high-quality wines that stand out for their intense color with nuances ranging from the cherry red of our DEMUERTE ONE wine to the garnet of DEMUERTE GOLD passing through purples like those of our DEMUERTE CLASSIC wine. A wide range of highly glossy and neat shades that make our wines very attractive to the eye. And that they put a note of elegance on the table where they are served.

Reason 4. Intense aromas

Another outstanding note of our wines, which are signs of their great quality and flavor, is their behavior on the nose. And it is that the aromas that our DEMUERTE wines evoke are suggestive and pleasant. In this sense, for example, we are going to discover that a drink of our DEMUERTE GOLD evokes ripe and liquorous red fruit. An aroma that appears interspersed with spices such as pepper, cloves and nutmeg. A winning formula that ensures the success of our selection.

If you want to know the one of each one of them, you only have to enter our store and access the section of our wines to know their description in this regard. A list of adjectives that is completed with the personal experience of each one, since this type of suggestion depends a lot on each diner.

Reason 5: A wide offer for every moment

Another key to the success of WINERY ON CREATIONS wines is the great variety of our offer. And it is that you will be able to acquire wines of different intensity and gradation. And, although our strength is red wines, we also have an excellent white: DEMUERTE WHITE. A creation that pairs wonderfully with your salads and fish, and that you can consume at any time of the year.


So, if you are looking for a quality wine that has an excellent taste and that perfectly completes your meals and or dinners, visit our store. At WINERY ON CREATIONS we have everything you need, for every moment and always with the best value for money. Come meet us!




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