DEMURETE LENTA: The wine that fills Venezuela with happiness.

DEMUERTE LENTA is the name of the wine that get lovers of Venezuela who wish to taste a quality drink. But it is not just a wine, because in the time it has landed in the country, this Spanish wine from the Denomination of Origin of Yecla, has developed a new personality that has been fundamental in its success. In this sense, the work of Andreina Krogmann, the commercial director of Grupo UnoyDos and soul of the project, has been fundamental. She has managed to fuse oenological excellence with tropical warmth, creating a product that goes beyond the conventional.


DEMUERTE LENTA: The wine that fills Venezuela with happiness

DEMUERTE LENTA is much more than a wine. It is the result of a wonderful adventure that comes from Venezuela in the form of a passionate request. A communication made by Andreina Krogmann, affectionately known as Andreina DEMUERTE in Caracas, leader of a team that took on the task of making possible what, at first, seemed like a chimera: to develop a product exclusively designed for our Venezuelan friends and followers.

In this sense, the iconic skull on the label, which can be found on DEMUERTE wines, was transformed, exclusively for Venezuela, into a work of art that reflects the richness of the Caribbean culture. In this way, our image appeared adorned with flowers, palm trees and butterflies, new elements that enrich it aesthetically and encapsulate the very essence of life in Venezuela.


DEMUERTE LENTA: A road to success

Since then, DEMUERTE LENTA has achieved extraordinary success in Venezuela. Its evocative name, disruptive label and exceptional quality have made it a beacon on the country’s shelves. And no wonder. DEMUERTE LENTA is an easy-drinking wine, perfect to serve with the famous tequeños or even a plate of pabellón criollo. This wine is the perfect ally for those who love to enjoy memorable moments around a table.

Not content with this oenological excellence, Andreina has made DEMUERTE LENTA a wine that is an ally of culture. To do so, she has chosen to fuse it with different artistic, fashion and even gastronomic expressions and actions. This has turned DEMUERTE LENTA into a must for all kinds of events. From fashion shows to tastings and exquisite pairings. All of this has also been accompanied by an active and careful presence on social networks. This work is carried out through the account @demuertewine and has turned DEMUERTE LENTA into a versatile brand, challenging the traditional seriousness of the wine world and allowing the jocularity of the DEMUERTE brand to shine with its own light.


Worldwide recognition for DEMUERTE LENTA

Wine experts with worldwide reputation, such as Leonardo D’Addazzio, sommelier and President of the Venezuelan Sommelier Academy, author of the award-winning book “Vini Vidi Vici”; or the prestigious professor Dayana Medina, sommelier and director of the academy, have tasted DEMUERTE LENTA and have shared their praise publicly.

In the case of D’Addazzio, he highlighted the balanced complexity of the wine and emphasised how each sip is a unique sensory experience. For her part, Professor Medina, praising the harmonious selection of Monastrell grapes and the barrel ageing of this wine, and underlining the quality that distinguishes DEMUERTE LENTA as an exceptional wine.

For all these reasons, we can affirm that the path ofthis wine knows no limits. The vision of Andreina and her team is clear: to expand throughout the country and reach every corner of Venezuela with a bottle that symbolises the taste, passion and identity of the nation.

A success that will continue to strengthen throughout 2024, because DEMUERTE LENTA is a project designed with love and heart. Hence, its success resonates in every glass, celebrating the rich love story between a wine, a country and its people. So let’s make a toast to the future of DEMUERTE LENTA, a wine that is not only enjoyed, but also lived. A wine with a Venezuelan soul.





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