Vino Demuerte one

If there’s one wine that’ll blow your mind, it’s Demuerte One. An elaboration that is mainly made from the Monastrell grape and that has a luminescent label with which you will cause sensation among your guests. At Winery On we believe that eating and drinking should be a pleasure for the senses. We have written this article in which we explain much more about this wine from the Demuerte series so you can get to know it in more detail.




Demuerte One is a red wine of reddish color, elegant and with a lot of personality. A wine that is made from the Monastrell grape, the most popular in the Spanish Levante, and completed with a special touch. The one offered by cabernet sauvignon grapes, which participates in the composition by approximately 10 percent of the total. A note that gives the mixture a caramelized note that develops as the wine matures. Hence, when we try a drink of this wine, it evokes ripe red fruit.

In its elaboration, each and every aspect of it is taken care of. From growing in adult vines over fifteen years old in irrigated areas, to the harvest of already ripe grains (which is done by hand, doing their best so that it does not suffer shocks and reaches the press as whole as possible).

To begin with its aging process, the must obtained from both grapes is poured into stainless steel tanks at 24 degrees temperature. From that very moment Demuerte One begins to form in a long maceration process that takes place over 21 days. A phase in which it begins to have shape and body, although it will then be, when it is introduced into French Allier oak barrels, the moment when it will develop a malolactic aging process for at least 6 months.

Once the wine has the quality and properties that we have defined as typical of Demuerte One, the wine is packaged in dark colored glass bottles that will protect its contents from the pernicious effects of direct light. One way Wineryon wants to help our distributors protect the quality of the product we offer them. This bottle has a particularity, fun and original, which makes since our meeting with Demuerte One a special event. Its label (which reproduces like all wines from our winery’s Demuerte collection, the silhouette of a skull to Mexican taste) is luminescent. That is, it reacts to light and preserves it to project it outwards when it remains in a dark environment. An effect that reinforces the experience of your intake by multiplying the sensations it generates in the people who take it.


Vino Demuerte One luminous


Beyond its cherry red color (already mentioned earlier in this article) Demuerte One is a wine with an intense smell. A sweet aroma that has spicy nuances and soft toasted aromas.

It is a medium-bodied wine, which, when passed on the palate, its soft tannins leave a balanced aftertaste, somewhat earthy but correct with acidity. This multiplies your chances of pairing with compound meals, where there are white meats but where some plant ingredient may appear.

And to make the most of this wine nothing better than serving it at an average temperature. Between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius.

As, if you want to surprise your diners with a unique experience and accompany your dishes with a quality wine: Demuerte One y su etiqueta luminosa son la mejor opción posible.

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