DEMUERTE’s balance of successes in 2023

For our DEMUERTE wines, the results of the year 2023 are a balance of successes. And the fact is that, as if it were a dream, the awards for the quality of our wines have come and gone over the months. This has made us very happy and encourages us to continue working in search of new goals. With the idea of sharing such good news with all our followers, we have written this post to thank you for your unconditional support. But, above all, to toast with you for a new year full of health and success.

DEMUERTE’s balance of successes in 2023

Over the course of the year 2023, which is now drawing to a close, DEMUERTE wines have forged a road of triumphs that has marked a memorable chapter in their history. A recognition that has led them to consolidate their position as a leading international brand. 

During this period we have witnessed sustained growth, the opening of new markets and the recognition, with prestigious awards, of our entire wine saga, which has elevated DEMUERTE’s reputation to the pinnacle of quality and distinction in more than 50 countries around the world.

At the forefront of this achievement is Pablo Cortés, CEO of DEMUERTE wines, whose strategic vision has been essential to this exceptional year. His participation in international fairs such as Prowein and Fenavin, as well as his strategic visits to key countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, have not only strengthened commercial relationships, but have also fostered exclusive events with importers, consolidating the brand’s global presence.


Conquering prestigious awards

During 2023, DEMUERTE wines have also received international acclaim, winning prestigious awards such as the Double Gold Medal in Mexico, the Gold Medals at Mundus Vini Germany, or the Sakura in Japan and Peru. All these awards not only certify the exceptional quality of the wines, but have also raised DEMUERTE’s reputation to new heights.

The passion of customers for DEMUERTE wines has resonated in every corner of the world, as Pablo Cortés has personally witnessed on his travels to countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Germany, the United States and Switzerland. 

This unique connection has not only resulted in a significant increase in sales, but has also consolidated the brand as the preferred choice on the international wine scene.


Luxury team behind every bottle

At this point we must congratulate the team that has made all this possible. Behind every bottle of DEMUERTE is an exceptional team, led by the winemaker and CEO, Pablo Cortés, in collaboration in Yecla with the Candela brothers and Agustín Carrión, winemaker at Barahonda.

Candela brothers and Agustín Carrión, winemaker at Barahonda. From the winery staff to the administration and logistics department, each member has played a crucial role in this successful project. 

But DEMUERTE is not satisfied with the current success. In addition to the innovations already implemented, the winery continues to refine its production processes and maintains its commitment to quality. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that the winery where DEMUERTE wines are produced is about to obtain the coveted IFS (International Featured Standards) certification, the most demanding in the food industry. 

In addition, next year promises the arrival of two new members to the DEMUERTE collection: a fresh and youthful wine, and another elegant organic wine that, after years of dedication, will see the light of day on the market.

For all these reasons, Pablo Cortés expresses his sincere thanks to every customer who enjoys a bottle of DEMUERTE and anticipates, with enthusiasm, that 2024 will be another year of growth and happiness for the brand. 

For all these reasons, from our winery we would like to wish you Cheers to an exceptional 2023 and a 2024 full of promise and success!





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