From shadow to fame: The triumphant resurrection of the Monastrell grape

In the last years, the Monastrella grape has triumphantly risen from darkness to fame in the world of wine production. We are delighted with this fact, as we have always considered this grape variety to be a diamond in the rough, which is why it is the basis of our DEMUERTE wines.

From shadow to fame:  The triumphant resurrection of the Monastrell grape

The Monastrell grape is a wine jewel that was lying in oblivion and that has resurfaced with force, conquering palates and gaining international recognition. Cultivated since time immemorial in the Levant of the Iberian Peninsula, in Murcia and in the Mediterranean arc in general, the Monastrell variety has been rediscovered and today stands as one of the most prestigious grape varieties in the world.


A revival after three decades of oblivion

Despite its historical roots as an essential ingredient of wines in the Mediterranean area, until just over 20 years ago, Monastrell went unnoticed by everyone. This all changed, however, when winemakers and wineries turned their attention to this grape, revealing its hidden potential and rescuing it from anonymity. As a result, we can now say that this grape is experiencing a wine renaissance that has captured the attention of experts and enthusiasts alike.


A spectrum of unique colours and flavours

Wines made from the Monastrell grape have conquered the market with their modern elegance and purple-purple colours. They are the result of the oenologists’ expertise, who have managed to extract the best from this grape variety, creating wines with soft tannins and unequalled freshness. These wines have been received in a very positive way and have led us to speak of a renaissance of this grape variety.

A resurrection that has not only been triumphant in Spain, but has also spread to the rest of the world. Wines made with Monastrell have been acclaimed at international level, where they reap prizes and distinctions wherever they are made known.


DEMUERTE: The apotheosis of Monastrell

In this wine resurrection, the winery that makes DEMUERTE wines stands as an undisputed leader in the sector. All of its wines bear the distinctive signature of the Monastrell grape, which has contributed to consolidating its position at the pinnacle of winemaking excellence. Pablo Cortés, CEO of the winery, shares the story behind this strategic choice: “From the beginning, we sought the Monastrell grape for our wines. We found the best vineyards in Yecla, Murcia, with old vines that produced extraordinary wines, and that’s where it all began”.


DEMUERTE’s collection of successes

With six wines that have Monastrell as the undisputed protagonist of their composition, DEMUERTE wines have conquered palates and international competitions, accumulating awards all over the world. For this reason, Cortés emphasises: “Each of our wines tells a unique story, a story that began with the rediscovery of Monastrell. The market has responded exceptionally well, and we are delighted to see our wines being acclaimed all over the world”.





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