Celebrate Christmas with our wines WINERY ON CREATIONS


Celebrate this Christmas with our WINERY ON CREATIONS wines and enjoy your meetings with friends like never before. And it is that when you have a collection of wines like ours, it is the icing on any meeting, no matter how informal. And we have reds and whites of different intensity, but always of the best quality so that you can accompany your dishes in the best possible way.

If you want to know how our wines can accompany you this holiday season, keep reading this article and we will guide you so that you can get the most out of it.



Celebrate this christmas with our wines

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we have an excellent line of wines. A complete saga in which reds prevail, but where you can also find an excellent white. They are our DEMUERTE wines and are ideal to accompany your dishes during the Christmas season.

And it is that their tastes, aromas, gradation and color are the perfect complement to dishes as elaborate as those that are made at these parties. Dishes in which animal proteins prevail and where nuts and seasonings help to cook pieces of meat or fish.

The DEMUERTE wine saga and Christmas

So that you can get to know each of our wines better and be able to exploit their composition by finding the perfect pairing, from WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article in which we want to explain the particularities of each one of them. Hoping that our long-time work will help you achieve the perfect lunch or dinner. The one that after months of restrictions we deserve more than ever.


DEMUERTE BLACK is a powerful, elegant wine that leaves its mark on those who taste it. And it is a cherry red wine of high intensity. A clean, bright wine that looks like no other when placed in a decanter or poured into a glass.

It is a wine of high gradation, made exclusively from the Monastrell grape that caresses the tongue and palate of those who consume it as if it were velvet.

Its flavor is reminiscent of fruit and jam, hence it is ideal to accompany highly spicy red meats with a powerful flavor, but with a high fat composition. And it is ideal for cleaning our taste buds before continuing with other dishes.

It is also ideal for starters based on nuts or for desserts in which this ingredient or fresh fruit are integrated.


It is a cherry red wine with garnet rims, which looks intense and is very attractive in the glass. High intensity, DEMUERTE GOLD is an ideal complement for stews where potatoes or other tubers are the dominant part. And it is that its taste of ripe red fruit and liquor mixed with spices of pepper, cloves and nutmeg, are the ideal complement to the experience in the mouth of these bites.

It also works great with mild or dairy-based desserts.


This wine is ideal for those who want to have a wine that accompanies them with strong dishes, but of limited intensity. That is, red meat with garnish; Rock fish or blue fish are sauces.

And it is that its color in high intensity cherry color, and its aroma of smoked products make it ideal for this type of realization. So it is an ideal complement to these lunches or dinners.


It is one of our star wines. And it is the perfect friend of all kinds of food. Its red-violet color puts a note of unique color on the table that goes with all kinds of decorations and tablecloths. In addition, its fine aroma of red fruits with a soft background of oak and pastries; and its smooth and unctuous drink is what is used in an ideal complement to salads, rice dishes, elaborations where there are little worked white or red meats … In other words, it is the perfect wine for all kinds of occasions. And it is that it gets along well with all foods, completing those that lack variety in taste.



If you are looking for a wine with its own personality, DEMUERTE ONE is your best option for the holidays. It is ideal for starters based on sausages or for those realizations where the cheese prevails (it does not matter what its variety is). And it is that it is a wine with medium body, a soft tannin, something earthy, and a drink that has a medium degree of acidity and unctuousness. Hence, you can even combine it with traditional desserts ysuch as mantecados, nougat and polvorones.


And for those who prefer white wines, or have opted for a vegetable-based lunch or dinner, nothing better than our DEMUERTE WHITE. A fine and smooth wine, with a fresh but unctuous entry, with cramosity and body in its texture, which makes it an ideal wine for this type of accomplishment. As it has very good acidity, and its finish is long with hints of white fruit and herbs, it also pairs well with rice and other legumes. Even with some vegetarian sausages or less fatty than the traditional ones.


Finally, we would like to remind you that our wines also have a very attractive image, so having the bottle on our table is also a plus of value. You just have to take a tour of our website to be able to know them independently. And remember: celebrate this Christmas with ouor WINERY ON CREATIONS wines.




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