DEMUERTE WINES, our collection of spooky good wines

The DEMUERTE wines saga is our collection of spooky good wines. Some wines that will accompany you in any meal you organize, even those that are celebrated on Halloween or on the Night of the Dead. And they are wines with body and a flavor that will leave you dead of taste.


DEMUERTE WINES, our collection of spooky good wines

DEMUERTE is the name of the collection of our wines and the best choice for the dates to come. And there is nothing better than accompanying your dinner on the night of the dead with a wine that evokes death. A blow of effect that, surely, will leave your guests completely frozen.

In addition, to create even more impact on your month, our bottles have a label that evokes death. For this, we have designed a skull to the Mexican taste of the popular Catrina, the queen of the world of the deceased. A print that appears in different colors depending on the variety of wine it represents.

Thus, for example, in the bottles of DEMUERTE BLACK wines, the skull is glossy black on a matte black background and has eyes made of two pieces of Swarovski crystal. For its part, the label of the wine bottles of our DEMUERTE DELUXE variety has been made with a skull in which blue, gold, copper and silver metallic colors prevail. Being, in addition, framed in a series of filigrees made in the same tones. Colors very similar to those that appear on the labels of our only white, called DEMUERTE WHITE.

Different is the appearance of our DEMUERTE GOLD wines (in which the skull drawing is completely golden) and our DEMUERTE ONE (made in paint that glows in the dark). Finally, we must highlight the burst of color and vitality that is reflected in the label of our DEMUERTE CLASSIC, where the rainbow dazzles in its entirety. Which directly relates it to the playful and festive nature of these dates in some cultures, such as, for example, the Mexican.

DEMUERTE: Wines with flavor and power

But not only the name and the label make our DEMUERTE wines spooky good and ideal for celebrations at the end of October.

Its content is equally good and shocking. And it is that (except for our white variety) DEMUERTE wines are characterized by having an intense red color that could well evoke blood. An effect that you can enhance by choosing appropriate glasses for the occasion and that will not leave anyone the same.

And it is that from the high intensity cherry red color of our DEMUERTE BLACK to the cherry red color of our DEMUERTE ONE wine, we have a great variety of nuances, smells, and flavors that are the result of our work on the Monastrell grape. A variety of native fruit from the Yecla area, which is present in almost all our wines in a percentage that varies from one to another. But it always offers qualities of flavor, quality and intensity with which each one of them models their own personality as a wine. Which leads us to have a wide offer.

So, if you are looking for a wine with which to put the icing on a Halloween dinner, Night of the Dead or whatever you like to celebrate related to these dates, do not hesitate and choose DEMUERTE. You won’t be able to count on a scarier ally for your nights of mystery and fear.

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