This Christmas give away wine. It is always a success!


This Christmas give away wine … it is always a success! and you offer the possibility of enjoying unforgettable experiences. And it is that when you give a good wine you are having a very special gesture, which connects with the roots of the exchange of gifts that was already done in ancient times. Specifically, in Ancient Rome, during Saturnalia. And what better way than to do it with a glass of good wine.

To encourage you to give wine as a gift and so that you know more about our traditions, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article with which we want to bring you closer to our history.


This Christmas give away wine. It is always a success!

Although many people think that giving gifts on this date is an invention of the capitalist system, department stores or advertising, the truth is very different. And it is that the act of exchanging gifts on these dates has a meaning loaded with symbolism. That is why it is important to choose the gifts of the people we want to thank for their gestures with us throughout the year. And it is important that we properly choose those presents. Well, it is not about flattering the receiver excessively, but about getting our message to reach him.

The art of gifting in history: December 24

Although there are many theories about the origin of exchanging gifts at the end of the year, the one that is located in the Roman Empire is the most documented. Thus, today we can say that the art of gifting at this time has its roots in ancient Rome. At this time, a festival called Saturnalia was being held. A festivities that were celebrated in honor of the god Saturn (hence its name) between December 17 and 24. The space chosen for its official and main celebrations was the Roman Forum. Well, one of the star gifts of the moment was a container (glass bottle or small amphora) with wine inside.

The program of this festival consisted of: an animal sacrifice, a banquet and an exchange of gifts. In such a way that the rapprochement between citizens was fostered and an attempt was made to forget, at least for a moment, social norms.

Soon after, the Christian tradition incorporates this exchange of gifts as something common in the actions around December 25. Hence, the Three Wise Men, when they came to worship the newborn Jesus, carried their famous gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. And the little one would still be considered too young to drink wine. Well, we can see that this drink should have a leading role in other passages of his life. And that would remain as symbols of much of the rites of this creed.

Regulate at the end of the year: the Strenas and the wine

In other towns it is customary to give gifts on December 31st. Well, this is because the night of was the 31st Visperal Night of the Strenas. A moment in which the end of the solar year was celebrated. And where offerings were made they make offerings to the goddess Strenia, under whose auspices the New Year begins.

At first, the premiere or gift was symbolic, and consisted of aromatic sprigs. Later, packaged honey, dried fruits and wine were given away. Hence, the presence of this drink is constant on these dates.

Give away DEMUERTE wines at this Christmas

Thus, giving wine is a common gesture. That is considered appropriate to deliver to those we love, or to whom we want to surprise.

And to do it in the best possible way, nothing better than to choose properly. A quality wine, with nuances, that make available to everyone, the possibility of enjoying a unique and delicious experience.

So that they can do it in the right way, from WINERY ON CREATIONS we recommend any of our DEMUERTE wines. Well, with this you ensure that you are acquiring a high quality wine, full of nuances, with multiple evocations and that adequately responds to the expectations of all types of palates. Anda remember: This Christmas give away wine. It is always a success!




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