DEMUERTE accompanies you on your summer trip

DEMUERTE accompanies you on your summer trip proposing the freshest pairing: that of our white wine, DEMUERTE White. A delicious, elegant, fresh and original way to accompany your dishes, offering them a new dimension of flavor. And it is that at Winery On Creations we want to be close to you throughout the year.

In case you still do not know this wine or have not decided to try it, we have written this article with which we want to encourage you to do so. Once you try it, it will be DEMUERTE to accompany you on your summer trip.


DEMUERTE accompanies you on your summer trip

DEMUERTE White accompanies you this summer in all your meetings. Especially those in which you gather around a table. Well, this wine pairs wonderfully with all kinds of cold dishes, but also with those made from fish and white meat. What is usually common in a summer menu.

And is that DEMUERTE White is a wine with which to cope with high temperatures by cooling down and enjoying the best flavor in your glass. A wine with little gradation and a lot of flavor, that will complete and enhance the aroma of your elaborations, and that will surely surprise your guests.


DEMUERTE White: Special Features

DEMUERTE White is a white wine with a lot of flavor. A wine that is obtained from the mixture of two very special grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc (which is used mostly, in 80% of the total) and Verdejo (in the remaining 20%). All of them obtained from strains over 10 years old that grow under irrigated conditions and that have a low yield. This ensures small, juicy grains that have a high concentration of flavor.

With these grains, collected by hand in boxes that do not exceed 20 kilos, a high quality must is made. A first juice that will undergo a cold pre-fermentation maceration process. And that then undergoes a process of aging on lees in deposit for a period of four months.

DEMUERTE White: Flavored wine

After four months of maturation, DEMUERTE White is obtained, a yellow, straw-colored and bright wine; whose smell is reminiscent of fruit and white flowers. But also peach in syrup, some apricot, citrus fruit and all those that bear some relation to the tropical.

Its flavor is unique and delicious, hence it combines perfectly with a large number of culinary preparations. Thus, we can affirm that it has a fresh entry on the palate, and that it is a light wine but that at the same time presents unctuousness, creaminess and body. It is a smooth wine, although with a very good acidity, which differentiates it from other sweeter whites.

Of its drink, it is also necessary to highlight a long finish in the drink, which is also reminiscent of white fruit and its herbaceous components. What is a breath of fresh air in the mind of those who drink it. Making digestion improve and the feeling of heat that surrounds us dissipates somewhat. Therefore, we do not tire of stating that DEMUERTE White is the best wine for the summer. And that you must make it, from now on, your travel companion. Of food and of all the moments that you live this summer. Well, without a doubt, it will help you improve them significantly.


So, if you want DEMUERTE to accompany you this summer, get your bottles of DEMUERTE White now. It will be the best way to put a special, festive and flavorful touch to your meetings with family and friends. And all this with the guarantee of tasting a signature wine.




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