demuerteblack añada

DEMUERTE BLACK   is back on the load with new harvest that renew and strengthening it at the same time. A bet on a new winter season when we will be reunited around the table to share with our (even virtually) the wishes of a new year, hopefully better.

And all this without losing an apex of elegance and glamour, which give us the SWAROVSKI crystals that we have added to the bottle of our most special wine for a year.

At Winery On Creations we offer DEMUERTE BLACK , the most unique wine on the Market. A winning option if you want to surprise others.

Wine as a gift?: DEMUERTE BLACK 

If you are looking for an original, quality, different wine to give away. A wine that you can make directly reach your acquaintances, family or friends without the need of intermediaries; without doubt DEMUERTE BLACK is the best choice you can make.

A wine that we have just relaunched to the market thanks to a new vintage, the last that has resulted from the work of the professionals that we make possible Winery On Creations.

If you haven’t tried it yet, DEMUERTE BLACK is a high quality wine, which is obtained from grapes of the variety Monastrell, harvested in strains over a hundred years old that develop in an extreme climate where winters are very cold and summers dry and hot. This makes each of the small grains they offer as a harvest unique and unrepeatable drops of flavor and aroma.

With all of them, we collect with a mime, by hand, without allowing them to be beaten or crushed we make DEMUERTE BLACK . A wine that is born after a process that has a lot of craftsmanship and refers us to our ancestors. A work in a warehouse that has been dilated for many months and then 20 months of aging in French oak barrels. A gesture with which we give time to time, so that our wine matures and acquires its unique qualities.

In this way we get DEMUERTE BLACK , a red wine of picota red, intense, velvety, which is very pleasing to the eye. A clean and brilliant wine to satisfy all kinds of palates, even the most demanding. So whenever a customer asks us for a wine to give away, we don’t hesitate to point this option out as the possibility of safe success.

If you’re one of those who haven’t dared to try DEMUERTE BLACK  and want to know what its drink is, from Wineryon Creations we tell you that it’s a wine of intense odor. The universe of which is reminiscent of ripe fruit, red fruits, jam and even has balsamic notes that enrich it remarkably. A wine that also recalls cocoa, sweet spices and that all this appears perfectly compacted in our olfactory sense. De ahí que muchos comensales hayan destacado que es un regalo para los sentidos.

Once we try it, DEMUERTE BLACK is discovered as a wine that fills your mouth. A long mouth step, very pleasant to the palate, that caresses the throat. Like a bite of ripe fresh fruit or a spoon of homemade jam.

Although DEMUERTE BLACK  can be consumed at all times of the day and under any circumstances, it is ideal to do so at an average temperature ranging from 16 to 18 degrees centigrade which is the interval in which all its qualities are best appreciated.

Remember that to purchase DEMUERTE BLACK you simply enter the online store on our website and purchase as many bottles as you need. We can even send it to others to receive it, with all guarantees, in their own home.




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