DEMUERTE wines, sustainable wines

DEMUERTE wines have become a reference of how wines can be sustainable and eco-friendly. A path that has made them a reference for the sector that finds in their work the inspiration to continue improving daily.


DEMUERTE wines, sustainable wines

WINERY ON CREATIONS is making history in the wine sector. It is taking significant progress to ensure that the production of its DEMUERTE wines meets today’s consumption trends. Movements that are developed around three premises: sustainable production, transparency at every step, and the incorporation of animal awareness in its creation process. 

With this bold transformation, DEMUERTE promises to change the way consumers experience and get to know their favorite wines. 

To help you learn more about each of these changes, we have written this post to help you get to know us better and encourage you to try our wines, if you haven’t already done so.


DEMUERTE and Sustainable Production

DEMUERTE is clearly committed to sustainable production. In this sense, the company is working on the implementation of organic agriculture in the vineyards of Monastrell and in the wine production process. All of this with the firm intention of producing organic wines in the near future. 

This approach translates into the acquisition of cultivation practices that respect the environment, which is achieved. For example, by eliminating the use of pesticides and adopting soil conservation methods. 

In this way, DEMUERTE seeks to protect the land and the grapes that give life to its exceptional wines, while promoting the well-being of the earth and environmental awareness in the sector.

DEMUERTE and transparency

Transparency since the beginning of the company has been a fundamental principle in the vision of DEMUERTE wines. However, they wish to develop and enhance this line of work in a clear sense: to inform the consumer about everything. In this sense, the company is in the process of implementing blockchain technology in the traceability of its products. That’s the reason why in the near future, each bottle of DEMUERTE wine will carry a QR code that will allow consumers to access detailed information about the content. It will allow access to information from the exact location of the vineyards used in its production, to the steps that have been taken in the production process. With all this, wine lovers will be able to follow the journey of their bottle from beginning to end. This will guarantee the authenticity and quality of each bottle, giving customers the confidence that they are enjoying an exceptional product.

In the same way, DEMUERTE will offer consumers details about the nutritional values of its wines. This information will be included on its labels. A gesture that will make it possible to make informed decisions on the choice of wine, in line with current trends of conscious consumption.


DEMUERTE and animal respect

Finally, DEMUERTE has also joined the growing trend of veganism in society by announcing that all its wines are vegan. The company has adopted production practices that do not involve the use of animal ingredients. In this sense, they have included, for example, fining agents based on vegetable proteins instead of gelatin or other products of animal origin. 


DEMUERTE and the future of wine

With all these advances in sustainable production, blockchain traceability, veganism and transparency in nutritional information, DEMUERTE has become a benchmark in the wine industry. And it is leading the way towards a more sustainable and conscious future in the world of wine, a step that will surely be appreciated by wine lovers around the world, expanding even further its current consumer base.





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