Yecla, the cradle of Monastrell grapes

Yecla is the birthplace of the Monastrell grape variety. A grape that has conquered the palate of wine lovers and connoisseurs, especially since Winery On Creations uses it as a fundamental ingredient in our DEMUERTE wines. 


Yecla, the cradle of the Monastrell grape

Yecla is a picturesque town located in the fertile region of Murcia, in southern Spain. A place that has captured the hearts of wine lovers around the world for being the cradle of the Monastrell grape, a variety increasingly popular for the nuances it offers to the wines in which it participates. 

With a vibrant and hospitable population, Yecla has become an unmissable wine destination for connoisseurs and wine lovers. As a result, more and more people are visiting the town, eager to immerse themselves in the history and tradition surrounding this celebrated wine variety.


Monastrell grapes and Yecla

The Mediterranean climate of the Yecla area, with mild winters and warm summers, has created a favorable environment for the cultivation of the Monastrell grape. This grape variety has adapted perfectly to the region’s soils, composed mainly of limestone and clay. These distinctive characteristics of the soil, together with the care and expert knowledge of the local winegrowers, have led to the development of grapes of exceptional quality. This has led to the Monastrell variety becoming the true queen of grapes in this region.

This, however, is not new. The tradition of growing Monastrell grapes in Yecla dates back to ancient times, when the Iberians already cultivated these vines in the area. A custom that has been maintained over the centuries, creating a deeply rooted wine culture in Yecla. A tradition that has passed from generation to generation, and which has meant that, today, local winegrowers honor these centuries-old traditions while embracing innovation and modernity in the winemaking process.


Yecla and Winery On Creations

In the heart of this thriving wine region, we find Pablo Cortes, a passionate CEO and winemaker of the prestigious Winery On Creations brand. Pursuing his vision of finding the perfect Monastrell, Pablo ventured a few years ago, on an exciting journey to Yecla in search of the perfect ingredient for his wine project. 

With an unwavering devotion and deep understanding of the Monastrell grape, Cortés has succeeded in creating the exquisite DEMUERTE wines. Unique and exciting wines that embody the very essence of Yecla, capturing its uniqueness and the exceptional character of the Monastrell grape. Something that can be felt in every sip of DEMUERTE wines.



DEMUERTE wines are made with meticulous dedication and respect for nature. They transmit the richness of the Yecla terroir, and offer a sensory experience that will delight any palate. 

For all these reasons, DEMUERTE wines materialize the balance between tradition and innovation, transporting those who taste them to a world of seductive aromas and captivating flavors.

So, if you want to embark on an unforgettable wine journey, Yecla is the perfect destination. Immerse yourself in its rich winemaking history, explore its stunning sun-drenched vineyards, and taste the magnificent DEMUERTE wines, a true gem born from the passionate efforts of Pablo Cortés and his team.

Come and discover the charm of Yecla and the greatness of the Monastrell grape, we are waiting for you with open arms and a glass of wine in hand to toast this unique experience in the world!





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