Pablo Cortés, the winemaker of the Monastrell grape, he triumphs with his innovation in the world of wine

Pablo Cortés is the name of the winemaker of the Monastrell grape who is currently triumphing with his innovation in the world of wine. A project that has materialized in the DEMUERTE wines and that does not cease to discover new possibilities for the sector.


Pablo Cortés, the Monastrell winemaker, triumphs with his innovation in the world of wine

Pablo Cortés has become, in a short time, a legend in the world of wine. This winemaker has managed to catch the essence of the Monastrell grape in a different way to how it had been done so far. 

Despite coming from a family of doctors, from an early age, Cortés was fascinated by the world of viticulture and oenology. It was in this way that he directed his studies and subsequent professional development.

However, the process of becoming a master winemaker was not an easy one. After completing his studies as an agricultural engineer, he followed his passion and embarked on a degree in oenology. A process that led him to the prestigious Royal Agricultural University, one of the most respected institutions in the area of agriculture. A school where he coincided with Prince Harry of the United Kingdom.

Not happy with the knowledge acquired at the British institution, Pablo Cortés opted for excellence and decided to take a UNESCO Master’s degree in Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Marketing. An option that offered him a solid base of knowledge and allowed him to work in different wineries. He was in charge of supervising the winemaking process from the vineyard to marketing, which gave him a broad view of the world of wine.


Pablo Cortés and the Monastrell

However, Pablo Cortés’ heart always beat to the rhythm of the Monastrell grape. Therefore, in 2005, together with his partner, Karel Eisnner, an internationally renowned graphic designer, he decided to create his own brand of wines. Something he did with one premise: to focus on the different possibilities offered by the Monastrell grape.

The process of searching for the essence of Monastrell took them to Yecla, where they teamed up with brothers Alfredo and Antonio Candela, real experts on this grape in the region; and with Agustín Carrión, a friend and renowned winemaker. Together they gave life to an ambitious project: DEMUERTE. A brand with which they revolutionized the wine market of the moment and with which they continue to discover new creative possibilities.



Under the DEMUERTE brand, Pablo Cortés and his partners have created wines that can now be found in the best restaurants in 45 countries around the world. In addition, since its inception they have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles on five continents and have won prestigious international awards. These achievements have consolidated their position as leaders in the Monastrell grape wine industry.

DEMUERTE wines are characterized by their high quality and their elegant and innovative presentations, where the skull merges with velvet labels, gold and Swarovski jewels, creating a whole that surprises even the most exquisite palates. DEMUERTE bottles are a luxury both inside and outside their packaging, which has allowed Pablo Cortés to realize his dream of finding the perfect Monastrell for his wines.


The road to the future

The work being done with DEMUERTE wine is a project that is at an early stage and promises to continue developing in different directions. As many as they wish to face. For if the Monastrell winemaker has demonstrated anything, it is that passion and dedication can transform an idea into a world-renowned reality. Reasons why we can affirm, without a doubt, that the future of this project and of its director Pablo Cortés looks promising and brilliant. As is the case with the wines for which he is responsible.





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