DEMUERTE Wines: The choice for Halloween all over the world

Our DEMUERTE wines were the first choice for toasting last Halloween all over the world. This is what can be seen from the sales statistics that we have received and of which we are very proud, as it confirms our work and encourages us to continue to grow.


DEMUERTE wine: The choice for Halloween all over the world

DEMUERTE wine was the most popular drink to accompany Halloween celebrations around the world. A fact that we are proud of and that we wanted to reflect on in this post, given the magnitude of the event.

Very popular for its iconic image of the skull, our DEMUERTE wines have been present on the tables of the most select restaurants around the world during the dinners that have been held on the occasion of Halloween. A resource with which restaurant professionals have wanted to bring a touch of macabre elegance to Halloween festivities worldwide while offering a quality drink, with multiple possibilities given the wide variety of wines that make up the DEMUERTE saga.


DEMUERTE and Halloween, a perfect tandem

It goes without saying that DEMUERTE wines are perfect for creating the mysterious atmosphere that this autumnal festivity requires. And the fact is that their appearance is naturally linked to everything that this festivity entails. As Pablo Cortés, CEO of the winery, points out: “The design of the wine is inspired by the art of pre-Columbian skulls and is a success all over the world”.

An elegant, innovative and beautiful skull that has led to DEMUERTE being the choice of most restaurants at pairing dinners and Halloween parties around the world. A letter of introduction that has allowed us to reach new consumers who have highlighted the quality of the wines, once they have tasted them.


DEMUERTE an international wine 

All this only reinforces the international expansion of our DEMUERTE wines. DEMUERTE is currently present in more than 50 countries in the five continents, conquering the palates of all kinds of customers with its flavour and design. 

That is why today we can affirm that our DEMUERTE wines have become consolidated as some of the best in the world, having received important awards, the latest this year. In this sense, it is obligatory to remember that they have been awarded the coveted double gold medal in Mexico, as well as gold medals in Japan and Germany. These first-class international awards confirm the excellence and quality of DEMUERTE wines.

In this sense, Pablo Cortés, CEO of the winery, is very satisfied with this year’s results. After having finished the harvest, he predicts a promising future with wines of even higher quality. For this reason he says: “We have a future of high quality wines assured”.


Art and quality in a bottle of wine

For all these reasons, DEMUERTE wine is not only a delight for the palate, but also a work of art in itself. A work that combines the Valencian wine tradition with the celebration of Halloween all over the world. 

With its distinctive design and exceptional taste, our wines have become the ideal choice for toasting on Halloween nights, but also on many other nights yet to come on the calendar. The DEMUERTE skull is destined to remain an icon of the season, and a jewel of oenology around the world.




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