DEMUERTE controls the international Christmas scene

DEMUERTE controls the international wine sales scene for the upcoming Christmas campaign. That is, at least, what can be deduced from the sales figures we have managed to achieve throughout the year 2023. A turnover that makes us proud and encourages us to continue improving in order to remain among the best wines in the world.


DEMUERTE controls the international Christmas scene

The end of 2023 is, for those of us who make DEMUERTE wines, the end of an exceptional year; no, it’s not that we have gone crazy; we know that we still have the month of December to go. But the fact is that the early sales in anticipation of the Christmas campaign are giving us a lot of joy.


DEMUERTE and Christmas

As we all know, at the heart of Christmas celebrations are wines. And, this 2023, many people are choosing DEMUERTE wines to share with their loved ones, to toast for what they have lived and to start a new stage. The choice of our winery is given, to a large extent, by the popularity in aspects such as: innovation in its production process, its unequalled quality and its unique presentation. For all these reasons, we can say that DEMUERTE has reached new heights in 2023, surpassing all the sales records we could imagine, and consolidating its position on the international wine scene.


2023: A year of success

The year that is about to end has witnessed the continuous success of DEMUERTE wines. A time in which DEMUERTE has conquered palates all over the world.

Part of its success also depends on the introduction of DEMUERTE wines in new international markets. A fact that has contributed significantly to an impressive 10% increase in sales compared to the same time last year. An achievement that underlines the growing popularity and demand for this distinctive brand, which encourages everyone to approach our wines.

The secret behind DEMUERTE’s success is not only in the exceptional quality of its wines, but also in its striking and innovative aesthetics. Thus, the emblematic bottles, especially those with the skulls on elegant velvet, luminescent or gold labels, have become a symbol of elegance and sophistication, perfectly suited to Christmas celebrations.


The Monastrell grape, at the heart of DEMUERTE

The Yecla region of Murcia is home to the vineyards that produce the Monastrell grape, the jewel in the crown of DEMUERTE wines. The combination of this exceptional grape with the expert craftsmanship of the winery has resulted in a wide range of wines that have been acclaimed by experts and consumers alike.

For all these reasons, Pablo Cortés, DEMUERTE’s visionary CEO, confidently predicts an exceptional Christmas sales campaign. He also proudly highlights the numerous prizes and awards that the wines have received, all over the world and throughout the year. This has, he adds, solidified DEMUERTE’s reputation as a preferred choice in the most exclusive corners of global gastronomy.

With every bottle of DEMUERTE, it is not only the quality of the wine that is celebrated, but also the elegance and the art of winemaking. That is why, this Christmas season, the winery is preparing to light up tables all over the world in preparation for Christmas, and to accompany toasts in all languages. All this while offering wine lovers a unique and memorable experience.




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