Differences between red, rosé and white wine 

Beyond the appearance, there are other differences between red, rosé and white wine that we must take into account before deciding to buy one or the other. So that you can know them in WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this post with which we want to help you to know better the different wines that we elaborate. So that you can be more aware of each of your choices.


Differences between red, rosé and white wine 

The difference between a white, a red and a rosé wine lies in the different production techniques used to make them, as well as the grape variety used to make them.

Knowing this reality can help us to properly choose the wine we want for a celebration, to accompany a meal, to share in a meeting, even to make a gift. And the fact is that each of the elements plays a decisive role in the result, which affects its final perception.

In order for you to know what these differences are and how they materialize, we have written this article with the sole purpose of enlightening you.


Particularities of white wine

This type of wine is made using white grapes or red grapes with white pulp. This is the case of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Verdejo grapes, for example. 

During the white winemaking process, the grapes are also pressed, while the juice is separated from the skins and seeds. The juice obtained is fermented in a stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature. In some cases, it is also aged in oak barrels to add flavor and aroma. This is also the way we make our whites at WINERY ON CREATIONS. A space where we produce modern and elegant white wines that are characterized by their acidity and freshness. They are called DEMUERTE WHITE and are a breath of sensations for the taste buds.

Finally, it should be noted that white wines are generally light yellow in color and tend to have a light, fresh taste.


Red wine particularities

Red wine is made mainly with red grapes. Grapes such as the Monastrell variety, which is grown in the Yecla region and which we use in WINERYON CREATIONS due to its quality and richness of nuances.

During the red wine making process, the grapes are crushed and macerated with their skins and seeds to extract the tannins, color and aroma they contain. The resulting mixture is fermented in stainless steel tanks or oak barrels, which gives the wine its distinctive flavor and aroma. 

Red wines can range in color from deep red to garnet red, and can have a rich, complex flavor with notes of ripe fruit, spice and oak. You only have to taste some of our DEMUERTE reds to see for yourself.


Special features of rosé wine

Rosé wine is made from red grapes but using a different method than the one used to obtain red wine. Thus, during the elaboration process, the grapes are macerated only for a short time with their skins and seeds, which results in a light pink juice. 

Then, the must obtained in this first phase is separated and fermented at a controlled temperature, as in the case of white wine. 

Rosé wines can have a wide variety of flavors, from a light and fruity taste to a more complex and robust flavor. In this sense, for example, our DEMUERTE ROSÉ is characterized by a Provençal pink tone, a crystalline and brilliant color with salmon reflections that is a gift for the senses.

After all this explanation, all that remains is for you to start checking it out. And nothing better than doing it after acquiring some of the DEMUERTE wines that you can find on our website. Drinks in white, red or rosé that will surprise you by quality and flavor.




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