Two New Gold Medals for DEMUERTE Wines

Winery On Creations has got two new gold medals for DEMUERTE Wines. The company has announced that its DEMUERTE GOLD and DEMUERTE DELUXE wines have won gold medals at the prestigious MUNDUS VINI 2023 competition.


Two New Gold Medals for DEMUERTE Wines

Pablo Cortés, the CEO, expressed his joy at the awards, saying, “We are very happy with these awards, which add to the gold medal won by DEMUERTE GOLD at the Sakura Awards just a few weeks ago. It is a new success for our wines and further proof of the high quality and innovative design that characterizes them.”

MUNDUS VINI is one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, held annually in Germany and judged by an international panel of wine experts and sommeliers. The DEMUERTE GOLD and DEMUERTE DELUXE wines were selected from among more than 11,000 wines worldwide, demonstrating their excellence and ability to compete in an increasingly demanding global market.

DEMUERTE wines from Winery On Creations have become a global success, present in 39 countries on five continents. Their innovative design and high quality have been praised by experts and consumers alike. Additionally, the company has demonstrated a consistent commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which has increased its popularity among environmentally and socially conscious consumers.

“For us, wine is a passion and a way of life,” said Pablo Cortés. “We strive to create unique and exceptional wines that reflect the diversity and richness of the places from which they come. We are proud that our wines are appreciated around the world and have been recognized by wine experts.”



The DEMUERTE GOLD and DEMUERTE DELUXE wines are a testament to the creativity and talent of Winery On Creations, which has managed to create unique and exceptional wines with their own personality and unparalleled quality. Consumers around the world can enjoy these limited edition wines, produced in small quantities to ensure their exclusivity and excellence.

With these new awards at MUNDUS VINI, Winery On Creations consolidates itself as one of the most innovative and creative wineries in the world, committed to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Wine lovers can continue to enjoy the diversity and quality of DEMUERTE wines, which are destined to become classics among the world’s most select.




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