The keys to the success of DEMUERTE wines resides in their quality, but also in the ability of our winery to adapt to the economic and social changes we are experiencing. Conditions that we share with the rest of the sector at international level and that can be summed up in one word: crisis.

As the heads of some international entities, such as the Wine Intelligence consulting firm, have already pointed out, after a few years in which restrictions in the on-trade sector led to lower consumption, wineries now have to face a reactivation of the market, but with limitations. Those derived from world trade problems due to the war in Ukraine, the loss of purchasing power that households are suffering, the high cost of packaging, the interruptions that are being experienced in the supply chain, the volatility of money, the lack of manpower, etc. All these factors will determine, and very much so, the development of the sector in the coming years. Hence, wineries are key to the success or failure of a wine.


The success of DEMUERTE wines

For a wine to be successful, it is necessary for the wineries that produce and market them to have clear objectives. With this goal, they develop a rigorous and pragmatic strategy. Just as we do at WINERY ON CREATIONS. A company where we have our feet on the ground and where we take care of our supply chains, our product portfolio and our way of relating to the market. We are a small winery that has full confidence in our product: our DEMUERTE wines. A wine that continues to conquer markets despite the circumstances, despite the economic vicissitudes of the crisis in which we find ourselves.


Step by step: DEMUERTE’s road to success

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we do not believe that the success of our wine DEMUERTE is due to luck or random factors. Nevertheless, we know that it is due to our effort and daily work; to our perseverance; but, above all, to the way in which we adapt to the circumstances that surround us.

Therefore, when our clients and friends ask us about the keys to our success, we always answer that it is because we work step by step. Without haste, but without pause; in a constant but changing way. And so since our creation in the year

These steps to which we refer are the following:

  1. We have opted for the proximity market. Although we have customers all over the world, we focus our efforts on the domestic market and on neighboring countries. In this way we work with safe routes, which are not altered by political whims or the strategies of large companies. This option also makes us environmentally more attractive. Since we do not have to depend on ships or airplanes, our distribution chain emits very little carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  2. We eliminate unnecessary costs so that the product does not have to become more expensive. In this sense, our packaging is basic and functional.
  3. We select our innovations and launches in such a way that we only bet on those that are really new, or we are sure that they are going to work. We do not program events without having studied them first.
  4. We have a different, unique and quality brand image. A Mexican-style skull that accompanies each bottle and on which we make minimal variations for each DEMUERTE wine. With this we have the perfect complement for our wines. A unique image that helps us to be more competitive, as we can join forces in a single communication campaign that speaks of the saga and each variety in a single gesture.


With these keys, our wine project has not only managed to carve a niche for itself in the competitive world of wine, but we have also learned to maintain our position, to reinvent ourselves, to seek allies and to broaden our horizons. In such a way, today, our DEMUERTE wines are known and appreciated all over the world.




To visit our web and enjoy our wines you need to be over 18. If you’re not there yet, we’ll keep waiting for you.