Karel Eissner: Art and design in the world of wine

Karel Eissner is a clear example of how art and design are fundamental in today’s world of wine. His proposals at the head of WINERY ON CREATIONS have made the brand recognizable wherever it is and its appearance is one of the most valued aspects of it.

To learn more about this professional who has become a benchmark in the application of design to wine, we have written this article in which we invite you to get to know her a little better.


Karel Eissner: Art and design in the world of wine

The relationship between art and the world of wine has been a constant in humanity. There have been many paintings, books, photographs, films, and even plays that revolve around wine. Therefore, it is not surprising that in an era in which design and art are imposed on the visual, the most brilliant minds continue to develop proposals around wine.

An example of this is the work developed by Karel Eissner, creative director of WINERY ON CREATIONS and responsible for the corporate image of DEMUERTE wines. A renowned professional in the world of wine, she brings out the best of each idea to make art in each bottle. A display of creativity that has a positive impact on the reputation of the winery and each of the wines that make up the DEMUERTE collection.


Karel Eissner: a career 

Originally from Bogota, Karel Eissner found her vocation studying architecture in her hometown. A career that put within her reach the possibility of embarking on a journey of discovery that took her to the city of Munich, where her talent and passion for creativity blossomed as she studied design.

After graduating, Karel Eissner immersed herself in the world of advertising, where she worked as a creative director in several agencies in the sector. During this stage Karel made it very clear that her style had a distinctive mark: the fusion between the art of Latin America and that which she had known in Europe. A tandem that showed her ability to combine cultural and aesthetic elements in a unique approach. A personal stamp that caught the attention of many industry decision-makers who pointed her out as a unique personality, and which, for some years now, she has taken to its highest level with the WINERY ON CREATIONS project.



At WINERY ON CREATIONS Karel Eissner, together with renowned winemaker Pablo Cortés, bring to life their unique vision of combining wine creation with art and imagination. To do so, they use ingredients indigenous to the Yecla area – where their vineyards are located – and craft wines that become sensory masterpieces.

Karel’s passion for art and design is reflected in every aspect of this winery, from the creative labeling to the visual presentation of their wines. Each bottle becomes an artistic expression. A work that combines winemaking tradition and avant-garde aesthetics. And all this, with a single purpose: to create a complete sensory experience in which wine lovers can delight not only with taste, but also with beauty and originality.

In this regard, it should be noted that Karel Eissner and Pablo Cortés work closely together to carefully select ingredients and winemaking techniques that bring out the unique characteristics of each wine. An approach that is based on respect for the terroir and local culture, creating wines that tell stories and evoke emotions through each sip.

All in all, we can well say that with WINERY ON CREATIONS Karel Eissner has succeeded in merging his love of art, design and passion for wine into an innovative project that delights lovers of creativity and authentic flavors. His bold vision and unique talent have taken the world of wine to a new level. And he has done so by challenging the limits of what is reasonable, and proving that art can be present in every aspect of our lives.

So, if you are a wine enthusiast, looking for a unique and exciting sensory experience, don’t hesitate to explore WINERY ON CREATIONS wines. They will allow you to discover how Karel Eissner and his team are transforming the world of wine into a true creative masterpiece.




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