Possibly the most exclusive wine in the world

DEMUERTE BLACK is possibly the most exclusive wine in the world. Especially since it has begun to distribute its latest vintage. The most special of all those that have been made of this wine so far.  

All this, together with the particularities of this wine -which are unique in the market- have revolutionized wine consumers, convincing the most demanding palates. Even those who decide awards in the most prestigious competitions. 

That is why we can say that, with DEMUERTE BLACK, WINERY ON CREATIONS has taken another step forward in its career. A trajectory in which it has managed to carve a niche for itself among the best wineries in the world. The awards, mentions and accolades that have followed one after the other since this wine appeared on the market are proof of all this.

Moved by all this, we have considered it appropriate to write a whole article about this wine. So that you know more about its composition and its particularities. Everything that makes it such a special wine, undoubtedly the most exclusive wine in the world.


Possibly the most exclusive wine in the world

Since the last vintage of DEMUERTE BLACK has arrived on the market, praise for its uniqueness has been pouring in. In fact, more and more markets are surrendering to the particularities of this very special wine.

For those who still do not know it, DEMUERTE BLACK is a limited edition of a high-end wine. A creation that reaches the highest levels of quality and design, signs that distinguish the winery from the competition. Never before has a handcrafted wine achieved such a high level of excellence.


Main features of DEMUERTE BLACK

The main characteristics of DEMUERTE BLACK are as follows:

  1. It is a 2019 wine, of which only 900 bottles have been made. That is, it is a limited edition.
  2. It is an exclusive wine in which only Monastrell grapes have been used. A grape that is treated with care throughout the year in the fields of Yecla where the winery harvests, and that comes from old pre-phylloxera ungrafted vines. Plants that have a low yield, but of extraordinary quality.
  3. The bottle of DEMUERTE BLACK has a surprising, original label that dazzles everyone who sees it. This is mainly due to the fact that it incorporates two 6.40 millimeter Swarovski crystals that shine, as if they were two eyes, in the emblematic DEMUERTE skull that all the varieties of the brand share. 
  4. Although it is called DEMUERTE BLACK, the wine is a high intensity cherry red color. In addition, it has a very intense and fresh nose that incorporates balsamic notes, ripe fruits and currants; as well as sweet spices such as paprika, cinnamon and cocoa. All very well integrated. 
  5. It is a wine with many pairing possibilities, being ideal to accompany the most sophisticated menus of the most special events, in which complex elaborations and unusual meats are involved; for example -although not exclusively. DEMUERTE BLACK offers a note of distinction to the menus in which it is used.


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