DEMUERTE: passion for wine

DEMUERTE wines are a clear example of how passion for wine can be a key factor in the creation of a product. To talk about the history of these wines is to talk about the history of the people behind them. It is to talk about Karel and Pablo, and about how creativity applied to the world of wine offers excellent results. 

So that you can get to know us better and find out what is behind each bottle of DEMUERTE, we have written this article in which today we will focus on the backstage, that is, on those who make WINERY ON CREATIONS possible.


DEMUERTE: passion for wine

Many people think that people who dedicate themselves to the world of wine come from the world of agriculture, from engineering, from family sagas in which the cultivation of grapes has been passed down from generation to generation. However, this is not always the case. And sometimes the paths that lead to this reality are far removed from this archetypal idea.

This is the case of DEMUERTE wines, which arise from the good work of two people (Karel and Pablo) who came to wine from very different backgrounds and who, in principle, had no connection with this reality.


Karel and Pablo, Pablo and Karel

Karel is a creative director with a passion for art and design. She studied architecture in Bogotá and then moved to Munich to study design. It was in Munich that she discovered her talent and passion for creativity, which led her to work for several years in various advertising agencies as a creative director. A field in which she fused the art of Latin America and Europe in many of her projects, obtaining great success.

During that same time, Pablo Cortés was a renowned agronomist and oenologist. A prestige he had gained after more than 15 years of experience making successful wines, which had even won awards in Spain. It was precisely this passion for the world of wine that led him to specialise in oenology, acquiring the necessary knowledge to produce high quality wines that stand out for their flavour and aroma. 

In 2012, Karel and Pablo’s paths crossed, revealing that they shared two great passions: wine and art. It was then that they decided to join forces to create a project that would merge their interests and talents. A proposal that was finally born in 2015 in the form of a wine brand, which came to be called “Winery On Creations” and which reflected Karel’s passion and creativity, as well as Pablo’s skill and experience.



The WINERY ON CREATIONS brand is located in Yecla, Murcia, and is characterized by its search for the perfect Monastrell grape variety to produce its wines. A variety that they have found together with the Candela brothers, winemakers who share their love for the land and quality. This is why together they have created a series of wines that are unique in the market, and have obtained national and international recognition and awards.

One of the most outstanding brands of this winery is DEMUERTE, whose name means “very good” in Spanish. The choice of the name is also due to its link with the Mexican culture of the Day of the Dead, but, above all, to the quality of the wines they produce. Hence, it can be stated without hesitation that DEMUERTE wines have a unique and distinguished personality from other wines.

This recognition to the quality of the wine has made that, at present, DEMUERTE is sold in a total of 40 countries of the 5 continents. However, Karel and Pablo do not stop and continue working on new projects, as well as on the constant improvement of their wines. And they do it all with the same passion and creativity that brought them together in the first place. Their story is a clear example of how two people, with very different passions and skills, can come together to create something truly unique and inspiring.





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