The 4 best wine tours for wine tasting while traveling

4 best wine tasting tours while traveling

If you are a wine lover and love wine tasting of different varieties and appellations of origin, read carefully:
The reasons why we choose a destination are very different. Sometimes its monuments, other its beaches or landscapes, in other destinations are the sports activities that can be carried out in its natural enclaves the main reason of your choice, and thus to infinity. And there are as many reasons as people travel.

In recent years, travel related to gastronomy has been imposed. Especially those that are linked to oenology. More and more people find in wine (and in everything around it) are a way to relate to the present, to the past and to the future of the areas they visit. Hence, organizing visits to wineries with wine tastings included in this experience has been imposed as a preferred activity to perform during the working rest periods. They have even started to develop complementary activities such as: harvest, create your own wine, propose pairings, etc.

At Wineryon we know how interesting it is to taste wines while you travel, hence we have selected some of the most popular routes you can take in Europe. Pay attention and keep this in mind on your next trip.

Wine tasting while traveling

There are numerous destinations in the world linked to wine. Many of them are located in charming spaces, with a rich history and where activities continue to be carried out following ancestral customs. Some of the most noteworthy are the following:

  1. Silycia. On the Italian island is produced some of the most popular and prestigious wines in the world. In Italy there are many more wines than those of the Tuscan area. On the island of Silicia is very popular wine that is made in the city of Etna. A space dominated by the volcano that gives it its name, and that provides extra minerals to the soil and, therefore, to the grapes that grow in its lands. Especially the variety called Nero d’ Avola, the most popular grain in the area.

    wine tasting silycia
    Etna Vineyard-Silycia, Italy


  1. Champagne. Located in the south of France, the Champagne area is one of the most popular in the country. The best time to visit the area is autumn, when its fields are in full activity and its wineries in full boil. It is an area that has escaped from the traditional oenological routes, so you can discover it with local guides or on your own. Remember that the two most popular wines in the area are: Champagne Rodez, a completely organic wine; and Champagne Tarlant

    wine tasting while traveling champagne france
    Champagne Vineyards, France.
  2. Tunisia. North Africa is an area where high-quality wines are produced. Although they are not well known, their seven regional producers have been generating more than interesting wines for more than two thousand years. Its most renowned products are those made in Domaine Neferis, in Khanqat al Hajjaj, a town located near the capital Tunisia. You can also visit the vineyards of Domaine Shadrapa, located in the northwest of the country, on the banks of the Medjerda, where many grape varieties are grown that we can find in Europe. All the wines of the country are easily found in the restaurants of the great metropolises.T

    Tunisian wine tasting route
    Tunisian wine route
  3. Georgia. Located in the Caúscaso, Georgia offers a wide variety of traditionally brewed wines. Its process highlights the storage system that is performed in a qvevri. That is, a clay vessel similar to an amphora that is buried in the ground.  To get to know these wines, it is best to start at Pheasant’s Tears, a winery in the town of Signagi. From there we can continue our route visiting family wineries that boast of having vines for eight thousand years.

    wine tasting while traveling georgia
    Georgian qvevri and white wine

If in the area where you are going to summer there are no defined oenological routes, you can always ask in the wineries of the area or in the restaurants where vera. Surely the people who work in each of them are there who can help you find spaces where you can do wine tastings.




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