Spanish wines, prestige and quality worldwide

Vinos Españoles

Spanish wines are synonimous with prestige and quality worldwide. A fact that has led them to differentiate themost from the other productions where the competition is very high. 

Its aromas, its flavors, the quality of its aging, the wide combinations of its grapes, respect for the tradition of the production processes, its wide capacity of pairing, etc. are some of the aspects highlighted by international juries in all their decisions about these wines.

This should not surprise us considering that Spain is the first country in the world in terms of vineyard area for winemaking. Hundreds of thousands of hectares that are governed by the regulations that mark the 102 appellations of origin of the whole country. Entities that make sure that the own and differential characteristics of these crops and their winemaking are respected. All this is due to the particularities related to the geographical environment in which the raw materials are produced, the products are made and the influence that the human factor that participates in them has.

We find samples of all this in the different studies and selections that are made in the popular  Gourmet Wine Guides that are made all over the world. Lists that vary from year to year and that, in the case of Spanish wines, vary even according to the criteria that apply in tastings. 



The reports prepared by the experts of the Gourmet Wine Guides 2019 highlight the twenty best quality wines in our country. Among them are the wines produced in the  Denomination of Origin La Rioja, which accumulates the greatest number of wines that achieve the best score. In fact, he has managed to make eight wines sneak in the top twenty of this selection. A milestone considering that in what is done to make wines, there is more and more competition.

vinos españoles la rioja

The second place in this ranking is the wines made in the wineries of the  Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin, which achieves five of the twenty places in this select group.

Among the other wines are made in Castilla León, the Denomination of Origin Jerez; the Denomination of Origin El Priorato; and a Cava.

It should be remembered that the experts who make these guides perform blind tastings. That is, at no time do they know the identity of the wines they taste. So there are no external factors that influence your assessment.

Vinos españoles yecla

Outside this selection although for a few points are the wines made in the Denomination of Origin of Yecla, which have been very well considered in other international and national selections and tastings. One of them is the Guide to Low Cost Wines 2019, where wines made in this area of the Spanish Levante have achieved most of the outstanding positions.

In this sense it is also worth highlighting the different awards and distinctions that Yecla wines have achieved in the different remarkable aspects of the wines. Thus, for example, our WINE DEMUERTE DELUXE has won the first prize of the competition of the Iberian Association of Label Manufacturers of Spain 2019; or the highest recognition that DEMUERTE achieved earlier this year in the international contests MundusVini 2019 and SakuraWineAwards 2019.

Vinos españoles en sakurawineawards
Wine tasting at Sakura Wine Awards 2019


At WINERYON we are very proud to belong to such a prestigious and quality market, such as Spanish wine. And we know that this fact carries a great responsibility, hence we take care of all the aspects that participate in the development and elaboration of each of our wines. A fact that has had an excellent international reception, where our wines are highly appreciated and recognized.




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