Monastrell Grape: The Queen on the Vineyard

Uva monastrell  Demuerte Wine by WineryOn

The Monastrell grape is one of the most used red grapes in the vineyards of the Mediterranean basin, although it can also be found in hot areas around the world.

This is because it is a grape that adapts greatly to the clima swings of this area and that these are very resistant strains, which are able to grow and develop in hard-to-reach spaces or in soils of very diverse composition.

It is one of the grapes that has been with us longer, hence it is used throughout Spain by many wineries that use it as a base or together with other grape varieties to make their wines. Studies have been studying that this type of grape has been grown on our peninsula since the 5th century BC.

At Wineryon we are committed to the production of wines from this grape, hence all the products that leave our winery have been made from it. And it is a grape with particularities when it comes to harvesting and taste that makes it conducive to creating modern wines.

In fact, our Demuerte wine is made with this type of grape, sometimes as the only grape and others in combination with others. And it’s one of the best grades you’re getting in tastings around the world. Which means we’re working in the right direction.

Uva Monastrell y vinos DEMUERTE

Focusing on the Monastrell grape, for example, it should be noted that for the production of our Demuerte Black wine we use only Monastrell grapes that come from old strains with a pre-phylloxeric franc footing. Or that, in the case of our WineDemuerte Deluxe we make combinations. In this specific case based on the Monastrell grape but working it as follows: Monastrell 80%, Syrah 10%, and Petit Verdot 10%.

Another result is that we get from mixing Monastrell grapes (by 50%), Syrah grapes (30%); and grapes of the Tintorera variety (20%) to obtain the Demuerte Gold wine; one of the most popular in our catalog.

Simpler is the formula that we follow to make our Demuerte Classic wine, with which we debut in the market. In this case we work only two varieties of grapes: Monastrell la and Syrah, both at 50%.

Another path we set in was the one that resulted in Demuerte One, in which we mixed Monastrell grapes in 90% and grapes of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety by 10%.

In all these are formulas that, based on the Monastrell grape, satisfy all kinds of palates. Even the most demanding ones.

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Monastrell Grape: Key Features

The main characteristics of the Monastrell grape are as follows:

  1. It is a late harvest grape that is born to be harvested in late September and early October.
  2. Their clusters are conical in shape and have a lot of grains, so they are usually very tight and small in size.
  3. It is an intense black grape.
  4. Its flavor is intense and usually varies depending on the area in which it is grown, although it is normal to remember or evoke wood and fruits
  5. It can be left to overmadriate in the strain for some time without the fruit deteriorating.
  6. It is a grape that can be mixed with other varieties such as Grenache, which is with which it has the greatest affinity. However, it also produces interesting wines when mixed with Merlot or Syrah grapes.


So, if you want to taste the Monastrell grape in all its splendor, do not hesitate and buy some of the wines we make in Wineryon. Its taste, texture and color will not leave you impassive and you can discover a new way to consume wine.





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