The Monastrell grape, an oenological jewel 

The Monastrell grape is one of the most popular grape varieties in the Iberian Peninsula and is considered an oenological jewel for its properties and qualities. In WINERY ON CREATIONS we are conscious of the infinite possibilities that this type of fruit offers in the elaboration of wines, that is why it is the fundamental ingredient of our DEMUERTE wines


The Monastrell grape, an oenological jewel

The Monastrell grape is one of the most appreciated grape varieties in our country. Its silky, smooth and elegant tannins have made it the preferred choice of the most demanding winemakers. Even the most demanding ones.

In addition, the Monastrell grape has a unique character and great versatility, which makes it possible to make wines with an imposing body, deep color and balanced structure. This is why the Monastrell grape also enjoys an excellent opinion among wine lovers, as it is a wine that pleases all types of palates.


The Monastrell grape and Yecla

The Monastrell grape has found in the Yecla wine region the ideal terroir to reach its maximum expression. This is largely due to the sunny Mediterranean climate of the area, but also to the careful work of local winegrowers. These professionals have turned this grape into a hallmark of the area, which is why this enclave is known as the capital of the Monastrell grape.

This is where WINERY ON CREATIONS is located. A winemaking project that has achieved resounding success making wines with the Monastrell variety. Wines that make up the DEMUERTE collection, that have crossed borders -becoming an international reference-, that have conquered the most demanding palates and that have become the preferred wines of consumers around the world.



WINERY ON CREATIONS has been aware of the richness and potential of the Monastrell grape since its beginnings. That is why its managers have known how to make the most of its qualities to create wines of exceptional character. And it is that unwavering passion for viticulture and winemaking, Pablo Cortes, CEO of WINERY ON CREATIONS, has managed to position its DEMUERTE wines at the top of the industry, consolidating its reputation as a producer of wines of reference in the Spanish wine scene.

In this sense, Pablo Cortés is extremely proud of the impact that DEMUERTE wines have had on the global market. Mainly because they have become wines that bear the distinctive stamp of the Monastrell grape variety, having become true ambassadors of Yecla’s winemaking excellence. But also because all this comes thanks to the hard work and dedication of those who make up the winery.


Monastrell and DEMUERTE wines

Thanks to the work carried out with the Monastrell grape variety, DEMUERTE wines have managed to captivate wine lovers in all corners of the world, consolidating themselves as true winemaking masterpieces. A fact that has not only led them to reap numerous national and international awards in the most prestigious competitions, but has also made the number of people who consume it increase year after year. The unique character and versatility of the Monastrell grape gives DEMUERTE wines body, aroma, flavor, intense color and personality.

All this proves that the Monastrell grape continues to captivate wine lovers. And that the combination of the Monastrell grape with the talent of WINERY ON CREATIONS has generated an oenological phenomenon that has transcended borders. This will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the world of wine. For both Pablo Cortés and his team continue to be committed to excellence, innovating and challenging the limits of what is possible in winemaking. This will keep the Monastrell grape shining in the hearts and glasses of wine lovers around the world for a long time to come.





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