Pablo and Karel, the essence of Winery On

pablo y karel

When we think of wine cellars we do not usually get an idea of the people behind them, those who have shaped them since their beginnings and those who work to improve it day by day.

This leads us to miss the possibility of knowing the history of the company, appreciating the spirit of its creators and to better understand what each of the wines they offer to consumers means. For this reason, at Wineryon we wanted to break this trend and invite you to meet us. And behind our wines are us: Pablo and Karel, the founders of Wineryon.

pablo y karel

Pablo and Karel


Wineryon is the realization of a shared desire. To have our own cellar. A space in which we can create a different wine, that we liked and that materializes what we would like to find at our table. And a place from which we can share with everyone our knowledge of wine and design, hence we have taken special care also of packaging, one of the main claims of our bottles.

To shape all of this, we started with an advantage. The one that offers a lifetime of work and dedication. In the case of Pablo Cortés, a career as an Agricultural Engineer and Winemaker, linked for more than fifteen years to several Spanish wineries. A creative line marked by success, since during this time many of his elaborations had materialized in wines with important national and international recognitions. Which encouraged him to continue to develop in this regard.

A goal that was also intended to achieve Karel Eisser, an architect specializing in design and photography. Cosmopolitan in character and with international training and experience, mainly in Colombia, Spain and Germany, he had always found attractive the idea of making his own wine. A wine that, as well highlighted in the presentation of the winery, was more daring and close than the wines that until that time found on the market.

A note of distinction and bravery that would materialize, not only in a variety of wines with a unique, intense flavor, of great quality; but in a singular name and on a very different label, striking and of great appeal to consumers. This was the perfect combination with that of success in domestic and international markets.

Uva Monastrell y vinos DEMUERTE

Demuerte, Wineryon’s find

Uno de los principales hallazgos deha sido el lanzamiento del vino  Un caldo que en la actualidad cuenta con seis variedades, una de ellas de vino blanco; y que ha supuesto una bocanada de aire fresco en el mercado.

One of the main finds of Pablo and Karel has been the launch of the Demuerte wine. A broth that currently has six varieties, one of them white wine; and it has meant a breath of fresh air in the market.

For its production, both managers have opted for the use of a grape variety linked to the past of the Spanish Mediterranean basin: Monastrell. A small grain, generated by strains of great antiquity (more than 50 years), that grow in high soils of the area of Yecla, of great hardness, in extreme climatic conditions, which offer a fruit of great flavor that allows the production of wines of high quality.

Wines such as Demuerte Black, the star of the winery. One of the red wines that you can buy in the store of its website and that offers many possibilities of pairing at the table, hence it is one of the most used among consumers worldwide. A cherry red, reminiscent of fruit in its aroma and that is soft on the palate in the mouth. All this offered in a black bottle, in which the presence of a label in which the silhouette of a skull is reproduced to the taste of Mexican representations that are made of the canines when the festivities of the Holy Deceased arrive. A note of different style that, like Paul and Karel, have renewed the world of wine to everyone’s surprise.




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