Winery On: Wine craftsmen with artistic spirit.

Winery On Bodegas

Winery On is a family business that arises from the minds of two people as creative as wine and design lovers: Pablo Cortés and Karel Eissner. Two fans of the world of wine and design who eager to make their own broths ventured to create their own brand that they called Winery On

This does not mean, much less, that the members of  Winery On were newcomers to the world of wine; quite the opposite. Pablo Cortés (fifty percent of the company) had extensive experience in the sector. No less than fifteen years working for different Spanish wineries. Which gave him a broad view of the business and gave him ideas on areas where he could continue to develop personally through his own brand.


Winery On: tradition and modernity

From the beginning, both Pablo and Karel, were clear that the modus operandi of the winery should be the materialization of a masterful formula in which craftsmanship and modernity were hand in hand. With the idea of being able to offer something new to what at that time could be found in the sector.

In this sense, Winery On had to be the result of the craftsmanship in everything it related to: the quality of the raw material, the non-invasive treatment of the winemaking processes and the way in which the grapes and grape varieties selected would be taken care of to make the different broths. At the same time Winery On had to bring a modern and renewing touch to the world of wine especially when it comes to packaging. In this way, one of the main characteristics of this brand: its careful labels and ways of presenting the wine; and very attractive names that arouse the curiosity of any oenology buff. A combination of elements that resulted in wines such as DEMUERTE that has been developing since its inception, acquiring multiple varieties (and nuances). Which has led him to reap numerous national and international recognition at trade fairs in the sector.

Uva Monastrell y vinos DEMUERTE

Contact with the natural, with the authentic

The vineyards with which they work at Winery On are located in the municipality of Yecla, in the Region of Murcia. They are vineyards of great antiquity that grow in areas of difficult access, with a deep soil of limestone rock of great permeability, high altitude and with few water resources. A space in which cold winters and extremely warm summers take place, which convey to The wines of Winery On an unmistakable personality and character.

For the production of Winery On wines, local varieties such as the Monastrell grape, the queen present in all the wines they produce, are used. An indigenous variety, with a unique flavor and with wide possibilities of development and combination. This grape serves, for example, as the basis of the winery’s star wine: DEMUERTE BLACK SWAROVSKI, one of the most applauded wines on the market. A 16-degree red, cherry red, with an aroma reminiscent of ripe fruit and balsamic notes.


Demuerte Black Winery On

Currently, Winery On offers a total of six different wines, among which are mainly reds, but also a white wine. All of them can be purchased in the virtual shop that the company’s website makes available to the public in addition to the best restaurants and wine bars in the country.




To visit our web and enjoy our wines you need to be over 18. If you’re not there yet, we’ll keep waiting for you.