Differences between American oak barrels and French oak barrels

Many people, when they read the description of our wines, ask us about the differences between American oak barrels and those made with French oak. They do not understand that it can influence the result in such a determinant way that we make reviews in this sense. 

At WINERYON CREATIONS we know that in the world of wine production every detail counts. Each element is a factor that determines the whole in one way or another. Therefore, selecting each element properly can make the whole go in one direction or the other. For this reason, and with the desire to make it much clearer, we have written this article with which we want to help our followers and friends to better understand what our work is like.


Differences between American oak barrels and French oak barrels

It is common for wine to be aged in wooden barrels. It gives them a certain character and flavor, which is highly valued by the most exquisite palates. The choice of American oak or its French counterpart depends precisely on the type of result to be obtained.

American oak barrels provide intense flavors of coconut, vanilla and sweet spices. According to some specialists, this type of wood specializes in transmitting pronounced notes of vanilla, which complements wines with softer tannins, such as some of those made from the Monastrell grape.

French oak barrels offer a more delicate and subtle palette of flavors. These barrels give the wines inside them elegant notes of vanilla, cocoa, tobacco, spices and subtle floral nuances. In addition to all this, French oak adds structure and complexity to the wines, respecting and enhancing the grape’s own characteristics.



WINERYON CREATIONS has chosen to use French oak barrels for aging its wines. 

The CEO of the company, Pablo Cortés, is proud of the choice because the exceptional quality of these barrels and the positive characteristics they bring to DEMUERTE wines make them very different from the rest of the wines on the market. They get the best out of the Monastrell grape, which is the type of grain used as a base for all of them.

For these wines, the use of French oak barrels contributes to enhance the fruity aromas and balance the tannins, providing elegance and finesse to the wines at the same time. That is why they have chosen the best French oak barrels for aging their wines. We must not forget that this process is essential, as it allows the integration of flavors and the production of balanced and complex wines. 

According to CEO Pablo Cortés, this choice reflects the winery’s commitment to provide unique sensory experiences to wine lovers. This has been achieved through the use of French oak barrels, which are essential to achieve the distinction and quality that characterize DEMUERTE wines. As well as the recognition of consumers, who support the vision and passion of Pablo Cortés to offer the best.


Thus, we can affirm that the differences between American oak and French oak barrels are remarkable and have a significant impact on the profile of the wines. Especially when you want to create works of art such as DEMUERTE wines.





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