Sulfites in wine: What they are and how they affect our body

It is becoming more and more common to find references to sulfites in wine on bottle labels, but do we really know what they are and how they affect our body? What does their presence in wine imply? Is it true that there are sulfite-free wines?

In order for you to know the basic aspects of sulfites and the reason for their existence, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article with which we want to help you clear up any doubts you may have.


Sulfites in wine: what they are and how they affect our body

We call sulfites a group of substances derived from sulfur that are naturally present in wine. Specifically, when the wine begins to ferment. This is the moment when the oxygen in the environment and the sulfur contained in the grape come into contact.

However, their percentage is sometimes artificially increased while the wine is being made to prevent oxidation and keep bacteria and fungi at bay. All of these can negatively affect the final taste of the wine.

It could be said, then, that sulfites help wines reach the consumer in a fresh way, as they help protect the contents of each bottle.

It is this later addition of sulfites that has given rise to doubts among food specialists. The fact is that its excess concentration can negatively affect the health of people who are sensitive to this substance.

Racimos de uva Monastrell.

DEMUERTE wines and sulfites

At this point from WINERY ON CREATIONS we would like to emphasize that the wines produced in our winery have no added sulfites. It is enough with those that, in a natural way, the Monastrell grape that we use to elaborate each one of the varieties of our saga of wines DEMUERTE.

This option connects directly with the spirit of our winery: to create wines in the most natural way possible. We want to reflect the essence of the terroir in our elaborations. That is, we want to emphasize the unique characteristics of the soil, climate and culture that influence the taste and quality of the wine we make. Therefore, by eliminating added sulfites, our wines allow the character of the grape and the terroir to be expressed more clearly and purely. This translates into a unique personality and a singular product.

The absence of added sulfites makes our wines more ephemeral than conventional wines that do contain them, but in exchange we have fresh wines, with good acidity and an intense fruity flavor. The ideal companions for light meals and balanced dishes.


DEMUERTE, vegan wines

Another aspect that we would like to highlight about the elaboration process of DEMUERTE wines is that it is a completely vegan product. That is, in which no animal or animal-derived substance has been used to make it. It is common that in the elaboration of some wines, gelatins of animal origin or egg derivatives are used.

As we do not use any of these products, our DEMUERTE wines are a product suitable for people who follow this type of diet and the favorite of those who opt for a more sustainable consumption.

All this information about its composition can be found on our label. A unique image that also differentiates us from the rest, making you can quickly recognize them wherever they are.


DEMUERTE, wines that are good for our health

For all these reasons, we can say that our DEMUERTE wines are excellent allies for our health. They provide nothing more than what nature offers us in a simple way and this is what we bring to you. So that you can be sure that when consuming it you will be ingesting a quality product, completely controlled. Which, of course, will not cause side effects derived from excessive manipulation or the addition of sulfites.





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