Take the pressure out of choosing wine, no more memorizing brands

Take the pressure out of choosing the wine for your home, no more memorizing brands. Or to take to another home if you have been invited by choosing one of the DEMUERTE collection. We put at your fingertips and never worry again about memorizing wine brands or names. And it is that at WINERY ON CREATIONS we make it very easy for you: the same name for an entire collection. For a philosophy when it comes to making wine, so that you only have to worry about choosing the one that best pairs with your menu. The one which you feel is the best and its taste you thinl is right. Even if you choose thinking about the season of the year when you need it.

No more memorizing brands and choose without pressure

When choosing a wine, many people suffer from stress. A nervousness that sometimes borders on blocking, because we fear not knowing which wine to choose. Or we want to get carried away by a friend’s recommendation and we don’t remember the name that he referred to us when asking him about a wine. Which makes us feel uneasy.

There are so many possibilities when choosing a good, so much on offer and so complicated in the case of some wineries. Specially, when we find one that satisfies us. Then, we are forced to memorize its name, the winery and as many data as are relevant to be able to find it in a store. Well, if there is something that we are clear about when buying a wine, it is that we want to get it right above all things.

This does not happen with our wines. Well, at WINERY ON CREATIONS we wanted to call them all with the same generic name: DEMUERTE Collection. In our case: we want to simplify the process of memorizing the name of that wine that you like so much. And by the way you know that, choose the variety you choose, you will be completely right.

A single name: seven different wines

Although all our wines are called DEMUERTE, this does not mean that they are all the same. In fact once you get to know us, you’re going to find that, almost like a last name or pet name, we each have a middle name. An adjective that invites you to get to know it, that defines it. That presents it to the people who are going to drink it, but above all, that materializes in a label that acquires special characteristics and is different from those of the rest of the collection wines. In this way, our DEMUERTE WHITE and ROSÉ –for example- are the only ones whose label is completely white.

The same happens with our DEMUERTE GOLD that the drawing of the silhouette of the skull on the label is made in a golden color, which is easy to remember and, above all, to recognize. And so with all the varieties of wine that make up our collection. Well, we know – and it has been demonstrated by numerous psychological studies on psychology on learning procedures in human beings – that it is much easier to memorize an image than a set of words, or letters.

What if you forget the name and start trying?

In any case, we always give the same advice to our clients and friends when, aware of our experience. They ask us for help choosing a wine for a special occasion. And our answer is always the same: choose the one you like, the one whose description encourages you to savor it. Only in this way will you be able to discover new wines that.  Perhaps because of the name, you would never have dared to approve. Of course, if they are from our collection… much better.




To visit our web and enjoy our wines you need to be over 18. If you’re not there yet, we’ll keep waiting for you.