cena maridaje con demuerte gold


Looking for a wine that puts a note of distinction on your table? A wine with which to get the perfect pairing? Don’t hesitate: Demuerte Gold is your best option. This wine made in the area of Yecla, Murcia, is one of the most complete wines that can currently be purchased on the market.

At Wineryon we are proud and delighted with the excellent acceptance that our wine has had since first hours. Therefore, we do not hesitate to recommend it to all our followers, proposing that they share the experience with friends and family. And Demuerte Gold is a gift for the senses.

If you have not yet tried it we encourage you to do so with this article in which we explain the details of this wine with such personality.

GoldDead: a wine worth its weight in gold

Grapes of three varieties are used to make   Demuerte Gold: Monastrell (the most popular in the area), Syrah and Tintorera. The first is present in 50% of the total of each bottle, while Syrah participates in 30% and Tintorera 20%. This results in a full-bodied wine with great capacity for proper aging and an intense color.

Each of these grape varieties is carefully grown in plantations that undergo sudden temperature changes, where they grow on vines over 20 years old that are properly cared for for excellent yields. The collection of its grains is done with great care to prevent the grains from starting to ripen outside the strain because of the blows that could be carried when stored in large boxes. Hence, Wineryon is chosen to collect manually and store it in small boxes of up to 20 kilos.

The must obtained from this grape mixture is stored in stainless steel tanks at 24oC temperature. A long maceration that develops for 21 days. And followed by a process of malolactic aging – and subsequent ageing – in French Allier oak barrels for a minimum period of 14 months. A time in which the process of living the wine in each of the bottles we make in Wineryon is supervised.

When this process comes to an end the wine is placed in a black bottle, which protects the broth it welcomes inside. A bottle on which a black label has been placed on which the silhouette of a golden skull has been drawn. A skull to the use of Mexican art that reminds us of the celebrations for the Night of the Deceased of early November and that gives a magical air to the wine that encloses inside. Above it, in the area that might well correspond to the mouth, the word DEMUERTE in capital letters and in white.

Wine is already at this stage a broth with its own personality. A cherry red liquid with maroon edges; with ripe red and liqueur route mixed with pepper, clove and nutmeg spices.

The smell of this wine is very particular. It is reminiscent of ripe red fruit and liquor, although with a touch reminiscent of pepper, cloves and nutmeg spices. Elements that we can also find when we drink it, at which time Demuerte Gold is discovered as a high and tannin wine, ripe and silky. And to enjoy all of this, nothing better than serving it at a temperature between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius.

So, if you want to enjoy a quality wine by putting an elegant note on your table, do not hesitate and buy Demuerte Gold. Your diners will enjoy an otherworldly experience.




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