Toast this month of love with our DEMUERTE wine collection


Toast this month of love with our collection of DEMUERTE wines and discover how they can help you achieve a perfect evening. And it is that a good quality wine like the ones we make at WINERY ON CREATIONS is always a gift for the senses.

So, to guide you on how to achieve shine thanks to our wines, we have prepared this text in which we explain how to achieve it.


DEMUERTE wine collection


We have already told you once that our DEMUERTE wines are ideal to give as gifts. It does not matter if it is as a gift when we go as guests to someone’s house, or if we choose to give it as a present at a birthday party, a name day or a special date, such as Valentine’s Day, we will always look great. And it is that, for each of them, we have one or several options that will allow you to adapt to the situation in the best possible way.

So that you know each one of them, from WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article with which we want to guide you in this regard.

Wine for an evening with your partner?: DEMUERTE BLACK


If you are going to attend a dinner as a guest, we recommend our DEMUERTE BLACK wine. An ideal choice if you are one of those who enjoy full-bodied wines, with intense colors and aromas reminiscent of fruit or toast. So, it is that it is a wine with a unique flavor that meets the expectations of any diner: including the most demanding palates.

In addition, its packaging is ideal for gifts. As the bottles are presented in a rigid black box, and the bottle features a beautiful shiny black skull with sparkling eyes made of crystals.

A wine to give love and affection?: DEMUERTE CLASSIC or DEMUERTE GOLD


Although any of our wines is ideal for a gift, this time we are going to recommend two of them: DEMUERTE CLASSIC and DEMUERTE GOLD. Two wines with specific characteristics that pair with almost all the foods you can imagine.

In the case of DEMUERTE CLASSIC, it is a wine with a unique flavor (the one offered by the Monastrell and Syrah grapes that have been used in its production), purplish-red in color, smells of red fruits and a smooth and unctuous taste. To accompany all this, the bottles in which we offer it are black with a beautiful label on which a multicolored skull appears screen-printed. A tribute to the Mexican skulls and their explosions of tonalities that are so special.

For its part, DEMUERTE GOLD is a wine that results from the combination of three grape varieties: Monastrell, Syrah and Tintorera, which offer a unique result and a very singular flavor. Something that you won’t find anywhere else. Hence, it is ideal as a gift. In addition, this wine has a cherry color with garnet rims, which makes it look great in gala glasses. In addition, its opaque black bottle is finished with a gold-colored label that offers a considerable touch of glamour.

In any case, remember that at WINERY ON CREATIONS we have more varieties of wine. Hence our: DEMUERTE DELUXE; DEMUERTE WHITE; and DEMUERTE ONE. All of them high-quality whites and reds that make your romantic evenings (such as those celebrated this month for Valentine’s Day) or those to come, even more special. Above all, when you want to toast life and love. So, toast this month of love with our DEMUERTE wine collection.




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