The importance of label design in the wine world 

In a field where image is fundamental, the importance of label design in the world of wine is an inseparable part of it. For this reason, at Winery On Creations we take great care of the appearance of our labels. So much so that we have turned the labels that identify our DEMUERTE wines into a reference of originality and beauty in the sector. 

To learn more about the importance of label design in the world of wine and our case in particular, we have written this article.


The importance of label design in the wine world 

Standing out in the wine world today is very complicated. There is a lot of competition and the diversity of options can be overwhelming. For all these reasons, it is common for today’s consumers to look for added value. Something that allows them to live a unique and captivating experience when enjoying a bottle of wine. A possibility that materializes in the appearance of the bottle. An image that depends, to a large extent, on the labels. Hence, in recent years, the design of beautiful, different and innovative labels has gained significant prominence, capturing the imagination of wine lovers and establishing an emotional connection with all of them.

In fact, we can say that, nowadays, label design is no longer a way of presenting wine, but a powerful means of visual communication that differentiates it and revalues it in the eyes of consumers. Those who buy a bottle of wine are looking for a wine that reflects their identity and lifestyle, something that should be reflected on the label in a clear and decisive way.

Hence, the beautifully designed labels, which have been made with exclusive and original materials, have acquired a distinctive and attractive value for those looking for an experience beyond the liquid content.


DEMUERTE wine labels

DEMUERTE wines have been, since their appearance on the market, a reference in this new wave of innovative label design. A field in which they burst into with evocative names and designs that suggest mystery, art and creativity in equal measure. A bet that has allowed our wine saga to establish a strong presence in the wine market since then.

In this sense, the CEO and winemaker, Pablo Cortés, and his partner, designer Karel Eissner, have demonstrated an overflowing passion for design and product differentiation. Each DEMUERTE wine label tells a unique story. A narrative that invites consumers to immerse themselves in a world of emotions and feelings. 

In this regard, it should be noted, for example, that these labels have been made with exclusive materials such as textured paper; that they have embossed prints and metallic inks; but also that they add a touch of luxury and sophistication that reinforces the perception of quality of the product. DEMUERTE labels are design exercises of impressive quality that create positive expectations. This makes the wine tasting experience even more pleasurable and gratifying.

This approach to design not only attracts the consumer’s attention, but also influences the consumer’s perception of the wine itself.  In a constantly evolving market, label design has become a strategic tool to differentiate and stand out. This is why the most successful wineries have opted to incorporate design and creativity into their products. They have understood the importance of aesthetics, originality and beauty in the purchasing decision of wine lovers.


Design as a turning point in Winery On Creations   

Thus, DEMUERTE wines have demonstrated that label design can be the bridge between passion for wine and artistic creativity, making each bottle a work of art worthy of appreciation. An important tool to create an emotional bond with consumers that goes beyond the liquid and that lasts in their memory, turning them into loyal consumers of the brand.

For this reason, at Winery On Creations we are going to continue betting on linking art and wine. Because not only do we believe that they can converge, but that they are an essential part of a tandem that creates a lasting impression on those who seek an experience beyond the conventional.





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