Nowadays everything is focused on being consumed immediately. Information, leisure, food… we want everything and we want it at the moment. However, we are also aware of the value of things that are made with time. That is why craftsmanship and gourmet products are so highly appreciated. Areas in which signature wines such as those we make at WINERY ON CREATIONS are the best products.

However, these wines are not like the ones we usually buy in any store or department store. They require a different treatment and, therefore, they must be stored in a suitable way. Especially if we want to keep them for a long time without losing their properties.

So that you know how to do it, in WINERY ON CREATIONS we have written this article in which we give you 5 tips to preserve wines for a long time without spoiling them.


Tip 1. Choose the right wine

Before storing you should ask yourself if the wine you want to keep is suitable for it. In this regard it is important to pay attention to the stopper of the bottle. If it has been made of plastic or its fastening system to the neck of the bottle is screw-on, it is not suitable for conservation. In order for a ripening process, it is necessary to facilitate the exchange of oxygen between the outside of the bottle and the inside. This can only be achieved when the corks have been made with cork.


Tip 2. Choose a space with constant temperature

In the process of preserving a wine, the outside temperature is a determining factor. Regardless of whether it is a white, rosé or red wine, it is recommended that the outside temperature should always be below 15 degrees Celsius.

Other aspects to be taken into account when choosing the space in which to store our wines are ventilation and humidity. In this sense, it is recommended that it is a well-ventilated place and that humidity can be controlled and is always between 60% and 70%.

We are aware that being aware of so many variables requires a lot of work, hence we find it logical that our customers choose to acquire air-conditioned cellars to store the bottles of our wine. These devices will allow us to control all of the above with a minimum of effort.


Tip 3. The bottles horizontally

Wine bottles should always remain in a horizontal position. In this way we encourage the liquid to come into contact with the cork and start the transformation process.

Try to place them in a place where there are no vibrations, as this can also affect the wine molecules. Remember that these vibrations are not only caused by movements on the surfaces where the bottles are placed, but also by noise.


Tip 4. Watch out for light

Wine bottles should be kept in an environment with controlled lighting. This is because excessive lighting can cause the contents of the bottles to deteriorate. Hence, for example, the color of wine bottles should be black or as dark as possible. The aim is to create an opaque environment that does not allow light to come into contact with the wine and excessive lighting would completely ruin the wine.


Tip 5. Once opened…

Once you have opened a bottle of wine, try to keep it in a cool place (for example, the refrigerator) and always with a closure that prevents it from continuing to exchange oxygen with the outside. Therefore, do not throw away the stopper or try to store it under vacuum before putting it in the fridge.


If you follow all these tips you will be able to enjoy your wines in the best conditions and even continue their maturation process when they reach your home.

Remember, to acquire quality wines, it is best to buy them in specific places (wine shops and gourmet stores) or buy them directly from those who produce them. For this reason, in WINERY ON CREATIONS we have a careful network of distributors, places that we know take care of our wines with care and delicacy, so that they reach your table without losing quality. But we also have an online store where you can purchase any of our creations DEMUERTE. Product that we will send until you indicate us with all the guarantees. And it is that in WINERY ON CREATIONS we are conscious of what we bring between hands. That we are wine artisans.




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