DEMUERTE BLACK the wine for New Year’s Eve

DEMUERTE BLACK is the wine for New Year’s Eve. A wine with style, which combines perfectly with the meals that are usually served on these dates and that leaves a delicious taste in the mouth of any palate. Even among those who are profane in the world of wine.

To make you familiar with DEMUERTE BLACK and encourage you to try it, we have written this article. Do not stop reading it if you want to hit the mark with the wine that will accompany you to enter 2021.


DEMUERTE BLACK is a wine specially designed for special moments. A wine made with love, tenacity and very careful. That it has a very unique flavor and that leaves no one the same.

In its preparation, grapes of the varieties have been used: Monastrell, Syrah and Tintorera. The first being the one with a greater presence, no less than 50%, which offers the wine a unique personality. The rest of the grape varieties participate in 30% and 20% respectively.

These grapes are hand-picked, in an artisanal way, with great care so that they do not suffer blows when they are ripe. And from there they are taken to our cellars to extract the first must, the raw material of our creations.

In the case of DEMUERTE BLACK, this first phase of the wine is developed during the first 21 days of the must in stainless steel tanks. Spaces in which they are kept at 24 degrees Celsius so that it takes shape.

Subsequently, the wine is placed in barrels made of French Allier oak for a minimum period of 12 months. An aging process that develops in two ways: aging and malolactic.



The main characteristics of DEMUERTE BLACK wine are its cherry red color with garnet rims. This is accompanied by a particular smell. An aroma reminiscent of ripe and liquorous red fruit. But with hints mixed with spices such as pepper, cloves and nutmeg.

All this accompanies a splendid mid palate. Mainly due to its tall body and its ripe, silky tannins.

Hence, its ideal consumption, the one that allows you to get the most out of all this, is the one that occurs when the bottle is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius.

This wine has many pairing possibilities. And it is that you can take it the same with red meat preparations, as with those made from poultry. But it also works great with starters, especially those with cheeses or cold meats. Therefore, we encourage you to combine it with as many types of dishes as you want. And it is that it will always rise to the occasion.

DEMUERTE BLACK your choice for New Year’s Eve.


To purchase bottles of DEMUERTE BLACK, you just have to go to any specialized store in your area. But, if you do not want to move or expose yourself to infections: we have the solution. You can buy it in our virtual store. A space in which from WINERYON CREATIONS we put all our varieties of wine at your fingertips. Being able to serve you from single units to complete boxes. Even if you want to give them to someone you know or family member.

All you have to do is register and place your order with us, indicating the address you want us to send it to. We will send it to you in the shortest possible time, with all the safety and health guarantees, so that you can enjoy our achievements.

So, now you know, if you want to put a note of distinction on your table: DEMUERTE BLACK is the best alternative.




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