Halloween DEMUERTE, the perfect wine for the Day of the Dead



If you want to enjoy a good Halloween DEMUERTE is the perfect wine for the Day of the Dead. A very popular holiday in Anglo-Saxon countries and in the American continent. And it has more and more followers around the world.

At WINERY ON CREATIONS we are followers of this party, hence one of our hallmarks are the colored silhouettes of skulls that appear on the labels of each of our DEMUERTE wines. Another element that makes our wines the perfect complement to your Halloween table. Above all, if you also take into account that they are placed on a black bottle, the color par excellence of the night of the dead.


Halloween DEMUERTE, the perfect wine for the Day of the Dead

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated on the night of October 31. It is intended to remember the deceased whose souls, it is assumed, walk that day among the living.

It is a date that has Celtic, Gaelic and even earlier roots. But that somehow has always been present in Western countries, both European and Anglo-Saxon.

It came to the United States from the hand of Irish emigrants who in this way maintained their cultural identity. However, it will not be until the twenties of the twentieth century when the holiday became common among the rest of the population. Hence, until 1921 there is no record of the first parade through the streets of Minnesota related to this festival.

Its popularity in the rest of the world is due to the inclusion of the party in numerous television series and cinema films. Hence, today it is common to celebrate Halloween in many countries.


Halloween DEMUERTE

Halloween night is usually celebrated, to a large extent, around a table. In it, hot and cold dishes made with autumn products (such as pumpkin) and with shapes related to the topics of the date are placed. That is, bats, witches, zombies, etc. And all this accompanied by colored drinks, especially deep red. A color that has most of the DEMUERTE wines that we make at WINERY ON CREATIONS and that are ideal for this celebration.

Get the most out of DEMUERTE wines on Halloween

To get the most out of DEMUERTE wines, we recommend that you buy glasses with metal feet or anthropomorphic shapes and a glass body. So that both you and your guests can enjoy the color of our wines. In this sense, we remind you that our DEMUERTE BLACK wine has a high intensity cherry red color; or that DEMUERTE DELUXE wine offers a beautiful, very intense cherry color. Also, that DEMUERTE GOLD has a cherry red hue with garnet rims; or that DEMUERTE CLASSIC gives us a purplish red color; to finally finish with our DEMUERTE ONE and its cherry red color. So you can choose the tone or colors you want in your wines having a wide palette.

Another aspect that makes DEMUERTE wines an ideal product for Halloween is their aroma. A smell that will accompany all your culinary preparations for the occasion. And the fact is that the composition of all our DEMUERTE wines pair wonderfully with autumn products. Like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, pecans, white meats, cold, hot and warm dishes, etc. Even with the sweetest ones.


So, if you want to have the perfect wine for the Day of the Dead, get any of the wines from our DEMUERTE series. All of them will more than satisfy your expectations and those of your guests.




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