Wine and food pairing What’s the secret?


Pairing is the perfect combination of drinking and food taken in one seat. There are as many types of pairings as there are drinks, although not all of them are just as successful or just as successful. And it is that for a meal to have a good reception among its diners, as important as the ingredients with which we make the dishes is the choice of the drink that we have made.

At Winery On we know how complicated the pairing between food and wine is, hence we have written this article with which we want to help you achieve the perfect pairing. And there are certain rules and some aspects that you should take into account before pairing between wine and food.



To make a correct pairing between wine and food, it is best to know the particularities of the wine that we are going to use. So it is necessary to take into account: its alcohol content (must be between 11 and 15 degrees, otherwise it will shade the foods that we are going to use), the degree of astringency (i.e., how it dries the tongue and stops salivation to make the food take on greater prominence); acidity (which, contrary to the previous particularity, is what causes salivation).


Taking these three aspects into account is essential to ensure the success of a good pairing. Thus, for example, astringency is a particularity of red wines, hence they are especially recommended for dishes or menus that include meat.

And acidity, on the other hand, is the predominant note in white wines. Hence they are usually used with fish. The presence of salt in seafood requires an acidity input that cleans the mouth of this sensation.

Rosé wines, on the other hand, are wines that maintain a balance between the acidic sensation of white wines and the astringentness of red ones, so menu options are variable. They are wines that refresh and clean the palate at the same time, making use of a gentle astringency there that combine beautifully with oriental or Mexican cuisine. In both cases, spicy and fatty flavors are used at the same time, which requires both of the above actions.

Obviously these tips are no longer useful if you are looking to provoke intense or new sensations in your diners. And there are those who seek the perfect pairing in the couples of opposites or in surprise.

For them, creativity is assured. In Winery On with THE DEMUERTE wines you will find a great variety of wines, but always of great quality and with a spectacular staging. Hence we recommend any of our creations to succeed in your meals and get the perfect pairing.





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