Wine is one more food in the Mediterranean diet

Wine is a food of great importance within the Mediterranean diet, making it even more complete than that followed in other parts of the world. In fact, wine reinforces many of the qualities of this type of diet as it contains a large number of beneficial substances for the body.

For this reason, since time immemorial, wine has always been part of our table, of many of our grandmothers’ recipes, and now we know that it is also responsible for at least a quarter of the benefits of our diet. The most famous in the world and the one that is best valued by nutritionists.


Wine included in the mediterranean diet

According to numerous studies carried out on the Mediterranean diet, wine provides a good part of the nutrients that make it up. No less than 25% of the total. Hence, there are more and more voices that are committed to introducing its consumption into our diet in a habitual and completely normalized way.

The main qualities of wine, as far as food is concerned, are the following: being an antioxidant and acting as a vasodilator or anti-inflammatory. What produces excellent benefits in the blood circulation of the person who ingests it.


Benefits of drinking wine

In addition to those already mentioned, there are many other benefits associated with the consumption of wine. Some of the most prominent are the following:

  • Promotes the prevention of cardiovascular diseases of all kinds, especially those linked to blood pressure.
  • Wine contributes to the prevention of diabetes and obesity since the polyphenols that are present in its composition help prevent cardiovascular and metabolic alterations that are associated with obesity.
  • Reduces the risk of cognitive impairment, as well as dementia. This is because drinking wine with meals helps suppress disturbances in the hypothalamus. This leads to improvements in memory and mood. Contributing to avoid any alteration of mood such as anxiety or depression.
  • Improves the intestinal microbiota (the flora found in this area of ​​our body). And it is that a moderate consumption of wine helps to increase the number of bacteria of the Lactobacillus genus that are so beneficial to enjoy better intestinal health.
  • Reduces the probability of having visual problems associated with age or aging. And it is that its composition also helps to regenerate the cells of this sense of our body.


At WINERY ON CREATIONS we know how interesting wine is as food. And we are glad that more and more experts are helping to spread this message. Of course, we also like to remember that the healthy effects associated with wine always materialize when moderate consumption is made. Without abusing him.


DEMUERTE a wine that brings health

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