The vineyards of WINERY ON CREATIONS are located in the places of Yecla

The vineyards of WINERY ON CREATIONS

The WINERY ON CREATIONS vineyards are located in the places of Yecla, an area with climatic and geographical characteristics that make our wines have their own personality.

And we are not the first to decide to make their wines with grapes from this area. Not in vain this area has traditionally been used for growing vineyards. And so on since the Arab times of the area. A fact that connects our DEMUERTE wines with the ancient tradition of making wine. What more could you want!

The WINERY ON vineyards

The town of Yecla is a small area that is located in the north of the province of Murcia. An area of ​​rugged landscape in which mountains and valleys follow one another in harmony, endowing the area with a beauty and a forest richness unmatched in the Mediterranean basin.

In these valleys is where crops are concentrated. Spaces at a certain height above sea level (they are usually located between 400 and 800 meters above sea level), where the vine grows without any problem. And offering fruits of great quality and flavor.

Precisely because of the way in which this crop stands out, since the middle of the 19th century, Yecla has stood out on the national and international scene as a municipality of wine-growing activity. And such has been the quality of the wines that are made in this corner of the geography that their lands have a Denomination of Origin since 1972, when it was decided with this gesture to recognize the quality of their wines, the unique way of making them and It is intended to protect against any interference.

Monastrell grape: Yecla’s main grape

Although the Monastrell grape is the main one, many varieties of grapes grow comfortably in the fields of Yecla. We can find from white varieties such as: Macabeo, Airen, Merseguera, Malvasía, Chardonnay, Moscatel de Grano Menudo and Sauvignon Blanc; and red varieties such as: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Garnacha tintorera, and Petit Verdot.

Above them, the Monastrell grape stands out, which is developed in an autochthonous way and that is difficult to cultivate. However, the type of soil – limestone – and its abundant iron, as well as extreme weather conditions, benefit the proliferation of this type of grape above the rest.

It is used as a single grape or mixed with other grape varieties. Always with the desire to enhance its particularities. This is: a late ripening and the power to ripen with high levels of sugars. Which means that their wines have high levels of alcohol.

Yecla and the Monastrell grape at WINERY ON CREATIONS

At WINERY ON CREATIONS  we work with a large number of grape vineyards of the Monastrell variety. Strains over sixty years old, which offer tight clusters of small-sized grains with an intense color. A raw material that we collect by hand, in boxes that do not exceed 20 kilos (preventing them from being hit) and that we quickly take to our warehouses to start handling them. Which prevents them from rusting before you get your wort. A liquid with which the process of almost all the wines in our DEMUERTE saga begins. Our own label, some reds and a white that have led us to make our own place in a market as competitive as wine.

If you want to see how the places of Yecla are reflected in our wines, you just have to go to our online store and try them. Each of them has specific characteristics that will make you enjoy good wine. A wine made in a traditional way, with time and great care that gives it a very special aroma and flavor. So much so that you will not find a similar wine in the entire market. Are you going to stay without checking it?




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